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These pages are a list of the complete (credited) cast of all the Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess episodes, derived from the on-screen credits, and as accurate as I can make it.

It also includes writers, directors, Director of Photography and second unit director - those people who arguably have the greatest influence on what is seen on screen. The many producers, associate producers, executive producers etc have been omitted as their contributions have varied widely from episode to episode.

For convenience, here's the list of Hercules and Xena episodes. Click on any one to go to the relevant credits.

Hercules episodes Xena episodes
'Action Pack' tele-movies  
0/1 Hercules and the Amazon Women    
0/2 Hercules and the Lost Kingdom    
0/3 Hercules and the Circle of Fire    
0/4 Hercules in the Underworld    
0/5 Hercules in the Maze of the Minotaur    
Season 1  
1/1 The Wrong Path    
1/2 Eye of the Beholder    
1/3 Road to Calydon    
1/4 The Festival of Dionysus    
1/5 Ares    
1/6 As Darkness Falls    
1/7 Pride Comes Before a Brawl    
1/8 March to Freedom    
1/9 The Warrior Princess    
1/10 The Gladiators    
1/11 The Vanishing Dead    
1/12 The Gauntlet    
1/13 Unchained Heart    
Season 2 Season 1
2/1 The King of Thieves 1/1 Sins of the Past
2/2 All That Glitters 1/2 Chariots of War
2/3 What's In a Name? 1/3 Dreamworker
2/4 Siege at Naxos 1/4 Cradle of Hope
2/5 The Outcast 1/5 The Path Not Taken
2/6 Under the Broken Sky    
2/7 The Mother of all Monsters 1/6 The Reckoning
2/8 The Other Side 1/7 The Titans
2/9 The Fire Down Below 1/8 Prometheus
2/10 Cast a Giant Shadow 1/9 Death in Chains
2/11 Highway to Hades 1/10 Hooves and Harlots
2/12 The Sword of Veracity 1/11 The Black Wolf
2/13 The Enforcer 1/12 Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts
    1/13 Athens City Academy of Performing Bards
2/14 Once a Hero 1/14 A Fistful of Dinars
2/15 Heedless Hearts 1/15 Warrior ... Princess
2/16 Let The Games Begin 1/16 Mortal Beloved
2/17 The Apple 1/17 The Royal Couple of Thieves
2/18 Promises 1/18 The Prodigal
2/19 King For a Day    
2/20 Protean Challenge 1/19 Altared States
2/21 Wedding of Alcmene 1/20 Ties That Bind
2/22 The Power 1/21 The Greater Good
2/23 Centaur Mentor Journey 1/22 Callisto
    1/23 Death Mask
2/24 Cave of Echoes    
    1/24 Is There a Doctor in the House?
Season 3 Season 2
3/1 Mercenary 2/1 Orphan of War
3/2 Doomsday 2/2 Remember Nothing
3/3 Love Takes a Holiday 2/3 Giant Killer
3/4 Mummy Dearest 2/4 Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
3/5 Not Fade Away 2/5 Return of Callisto
3/6 Monster Child in the Promised Land 2/6 Warrior ... Princess ... Tramp
3/7 The Green-Eyed Monster 2/7 Intimate Stranger
3/8 Prince Hercules 2/8 Ten Little Warlords
3/9 A Star to Guide Them 2/9 A Solstice Carol
3/10 The Lady and the Dragon 2/10 The Xena Scrolls
3/11 Long Live The King 2/11 Here She Comes ... Miss Amphipolis
3/12 Surprise 2/12 Destiny
3/13 Encounter 2/13 The Quest
3/14 When a Man Loves a Woman 2/14 A Necessary Evil
3/15 Judgement Day 2/15 A Day in the Life
3/16 The Lost City 2/16 For Him The Bell Tolls
3/17 Les Contemptibles 2/17 The Execution
3/18 Reign of Terror 2/18 Blind Faith
3/19 End of the Beginning 2/19 Ulysses
3/20 War Bride 2/20 The Price
3/21 A Rock and a Hard Place 2/21 Lost Mariner
3/22 Atlantis 2/22 A Comedy of Eros
Season 4 Season 3
4/1 Beanstalks & Bad Eggs 3/1 The Furies
4/2 Hero's Heart 3/2 Been There, Done That
4/3 Regrets I've Had a Few 3/3/ The Dirty Half Dozen
4/4/ Web of Desire 3/4 The Deliverer
4/5 Stranger in a Strange World 3/5 Gabrielle's Hope
4/6 Two Men and a Baby 3/6 The Debt 1
4/7 Prodigal Sister 3/7 The Debt 2
4/8 ... And Fancy Free 3/8 The King of Assassins
4/9 If I Had a Hammer 3/9 Warrior ... Priestess ... Tramp
4/10 Hercules on Trial 3/10 The Quill is Mightier...
4/11 Medea Culpa 3/11 Maternal Instincts
4/12 Men in Pink 3/12 The Bitter Suite
4/13 Armageddon Now 1 3/13 One Against an Army
4/14 Armageddon Now 2 3/14 Forgiven
4/15 Yes Virginia, There is a Hercules 3/15 King Con
    3/16 When in Rome
    3/17 Forget Me Not
4/16 Porkules    
4/17 One Fowl Day    
4/18 My Fair Cupcake 3/18 Fins, Femmes and Gems
4/19 War Wounds 3/19 Tsunami
4/20 Twilight 3/20 Vanishing Act
4/21 Top God 3/21 Sacrifice 1
4/22 Reunion 3/22 Sacrifice 2
Season 5 Season 4
5/1 Faith 4/1 Adventures in the Sin Trade 1
5/2 Descent 4/2 Adventures in the Sin Trade 2
5/3 Resurrection 4/3 A Family Affair
5/4 Genies & Grecians & Geeks, Oh My 4/4 In Sickness & In Hell
5/5 Render Unto Caesar 4/5 A Good Day
5/6 Norse by Norsevest 4/6 A Tale of Two Muses
5/7 Somewhere Over The Rainbow Bridge 4/7 Locked Up and Tied Down
5/8 Darkness Rising 4/8 Crusader
5/9 For Those of You Just Joining Us 4/9 Past Imperfect
5/10 Let There Be Light 4/10 Key to the Kingdom
5/11 Redemption 4/11 Daughter of Pomira
5/12 Sky High 4/12 If The Shoe Fits
5/13 Stranger & Stranger 4/13 Paradise Found
5/14 Just Passing Through 4/14 Devi
5/15 Greece is Burning 4/15 Between The Lines
5/16 We'll Always Have Cyprus 4/16 The Way
5/17 The Academy 4/17 The Play's The Thing
5/18 Love on the Rocks    
    4/18 The Convert
5/19 Once Upon a Future King 4/19 Takes One To Know One
5/20 Fade Out 4/20 Endgame
5/21 My Best Girl's Wedding 4/21 Ides of March
5/22 Revelations 4/22 Deja Vu All Over Again
Season 6 Season 5
6/1 Be Deviled 5/1 Fallen Angel
6/2 Love Amazon Style 5/2 Chakram
6/3 Rebel With a Cause 5/3 Succession
6/4 Darkness Visible 5/4 Animal Attraction
6/5 Hercules, Tramps & Thieves 5/5 Them Bones, Them Bones
6/6 City of the Dead 5/6 Purity
6/7 A Wicked Good Time 5/7 Back in the Bottle
6/8 Full Circle 5/8 Little Problems
    5/9 Seeds of Faith
    5/10 Lyre, Lyre, Hearts on Fire
    5/11 Punch Lines
    5/12 God Fearing Child
    5/13 Eternal Bonds
    5/14 Amphipolis Under Siege
    5/15 Married With Fishsticks
    5/16 Lifeblood
    5/17 Kindred Spirits
    5/18 Anthony & Cleopatra
    5/19 Looking Death in the Eye
    5/20 Livia
    5/21 Eve
    5/22 Motherhood
  Season 6
    6/1 Coming Home
    6/2 The Haunting of Amphipolis
    6/3 Heart of Darkness
    6/4 Who's Gurkhan?
    6/5 Legacy
    6/6 The Abyss
    6/7 The Rheingold
    6/8 The Ring
    6/9 Return of the Valkyrie
    6/10 Old Ares Had a Farm
    6/11 Dangerous Prey
    6/12 The God You Know
    6/13 You Are There
    6/14 Path of Vengeance
    6/15 To Helicon and Back
    6/16 Send in the Clones
    6/17 Last of the Centaurs
    6/18 When Fates Collide
    6/19 Many Happy Returns
    6/20 Soul Possession
    6/21 A Friend in Need
    6/22 A Friend in Need 2

I've lined them up so their first airing dates (as given by Whoosh) coincide. This is relevant for the timing of some 'crossover' episodes.
Light shading indicates an episode where the 'leads' (Hercules, Iolaus, Xena or Gabrielle) 'crossed over' to the other series.
The few occasions where an episode of one series formed an integral part of the storyline of the other series, I've shaded darker.

The Hercules episodes significant to the 'Xena' storyline are:
The 'Warrior Princess' trilogy (obviously)
Surprise (how Callisto got from Tartarus to the Labyrinth, and became an immortal - fits between Ten Little Warlords and A Necessary Evil)
Armageddon Now (How the dead Hope became an egg, and how Callisto got from the Ixion Caves to the Vortex - follows right on from Maternal Instincts and comes before Sacrifice)
The only Xena episode significant to Herc - God Fearing Child - came after the end of the Hercules series, but it does form the true conclusion of the Hercules - Zeus - Hera saga which ostensibly finished with a happy 'sunset' ending in Full Circle.

Leading Hercules characters (i.e. Herc and/or Iolaus) 'crossed over' to XWP in Prometheus and The Quest - but these formed no part of the Hercules storyline.
Xena and Gabby 'crossed over' in Judgement Day - but this formed no part of the Xena storyline. Nor did the alternate Xena in Stranger in a Strange World or the alternate Xena and Gabrielle in Armageddon Now.
Other leading characters - notably Aphrodite and Ares - 'crossed over' all the time. Minor developments in their lives may have carried over from one series to the other, but not significantly enough to warrant mention here.

One theme that did involve both series was Dahak. That started in XWP in The Deliverer, and stayed in XWP (aside from a crossover with Hope in Armageddon Now) until ending with Sacrifice. Dahak then reappeared in HTLJ in Faith and stayed exclusively on HTLJ until his final demise in Redemption.

Intertwined with the Dahak theme was the Hinds Blood dagger. This was mostly a Herc thing but came to figure significantly in Xena episodes. I'll try to summarise it very briefly:
It started on Herc in the 'Golden Hind' trilogy - Encounter, When a Man Loves a Woman, and Judgement Day. Zeus was killing all the Hinds as their blood was 'the only thing that could kill a god' (yes, yet another 'only thing....'). Ares was protecting Serena, the one remaining Hind. Herc married her. Strife killed her and framed Herc. Xena and Gabrielle had to do the crossover thing and help rescue Herc. End of Hinds blood, apparently.
Later, in The End of The Beginning, Autolycus stole the Chronos Stone and he and Herc ended up back in Serena's time, when she was still alive. This time round, Ares tried to kill Serena, Herc fought him, the result was that Ares killed the 'hind' part of Serena but her mortal half lived on - though not married to Hercules. Ares' dagger with some hinds blood on it was destroyed by Herc. End of Hinds Blood - again.
In Stranger in a Strange World, the Sovereign, Herc's evil alter ego in the Alternate Universe, was using hinds blood supplied by his girlfriend, alternate Xena, to poison Zeus. Where she got it from is unknown, but she kept it in a pendant round her neck. At the end of the episode Hercules trapped the Sovereign in the Vortex, the portal between the worlds.
In Armageddon Now, Ares and Callisto opened the Vortex and released the Sovereign, only to steal the hinds blood pendant he was wearing. Callisto went on a mission to the past to kill Alcmene, Herc's mother, and took the hinds blood with her in order to stop the other gods from interfering. Iolaus followed, grabbed the pendant, and smeared the blood on a dagger, which he never got to use. After Iolaus saved Alcmene and returned to the present with the dagger, Herc pounded the dagger into the wall of the Halls of War.
In Sacrifice, Xena arranged to retrieve the dagger from its hiding place in order to kill Hope, but used it on Callisto instead.
And that, very briefly, is the story of the Hinds Blood dagger.

Storylines and characters

For more on the convoluted storylines and some of the characters, see this page.

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