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'Hercules' and 'Xena' actors

This is the list of all actors credited on screen in episodes of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess. It's as accurate as I can make it. It includes the 'Hercules' tele-movies.

Why have I done it three ways? (Herc episodes, Xena episodes, and a combined list). No special reason. The Herc episodes came first (because nobody else had done them completely), then the Xena eps (because they were a necessary step in creating the combined list). So, since they're already in existence, I figured I might as well put them all up. That way, people can choose which one they prefer to use.

The list is alphabetical, by the actor's first name. Why? Because the on-screen titles list first names first and that's how I transcribed them.

Where an actor received 'star' or 'guest star' credits in one or more episodes, their name is listed in bold type.

Where an actor appeared as the same character in both shows (e.g. Hudson Leick as Callisto), I've listed all appearances in the show they first appeared on before their appearances on the 'other' show. (Why not in strict order of appearance? 'cos I'm too lazy, that's why).

Lucy Lawless as Xena, Renee O'Connor as Gabrielle, and Kevin Sorbo as Hercules, have not been listed, as they were credited in every episode of their 'own' show and appeared in almost all of them. Where they appeared in the 'other' show, or played different characters, they have been listed below. Michael Hurst has been listed in all his appearances. Edith Sidebottom has been listed separately.

Actor Character Episode number(s)
Aaron Devitt Lyceus X2/2
Aaron Devitt Drayus H5/16
Abbey-May Mortimer Waitress H6/5
Adam Jackson Male Villager H3/3
Adam Middleton Black Wolf Sympathizer X1/11
Adam Middleton Blind Soldier X1/24
Adam Schlooz Guard #1 X3/3
Adrian Brown Yodoshi X6/21
Adrian Brown Yodoshi X6/22
Adrian Keeling Miltiades X1/12
Adrian Keeling Scylosian General X3/20
Adrian Keeling Man #1 H2/13
Adrian Kwan Emissary #1 X6/18
Adrienne Wilkinson Eve X5/22, X6/1, X6/2, X6/3, X6/4, X6/12, X6/13, X6/14
Adrienne Wilkinson Livia X5/20, X5/21
Adrienne Wilkinson Megaera X6/1
Aidan MacBride Stewart Greek Soldier X1/12
Ajay Sharma Villager #1 X4/14
Ajay Vasisht Acklin X4/15
Ajay Vasisht Nikos X2/10
Ajay Vasisht Vendor X2/18
Al Chalk Voice of Minotaur H0/5
Al Chalk Prologue Narrator H0/5
Al Chalk Voice of Ares H1/5
Alan De Malmanche Docenius X1/13
Alan De Malmanche Old Man X1/4
Alan de Malmanche Phineus H3/4
Alan de Malmanche Servant H4/11
Alan Farquhar Vendor H4/16
Alan Farquhar Villager #1 H2/20
Alan Palmer Pharis X1/18
Alan Poppleton Guard X5/13
Alan Poppleton Hanged Man X4/21
Alana Fletcher Young Siri H4/7
Albert Belz Tabor H5/17
Albert Belz Minteus H3/18
Albert Heimuli Head Soldier X5/9
Albert Heimuli Soldier #1 H4/5
Albert Svord Dealer H6/2
Albert Sword Villager X4/4
Alex Beasley Marathon Messenger #1 H0/2
Alex Mendoza Lucifer X6/3
Alex Moffat First Guard X2/5
Alex Moffat Beckerus H4/14
Alex Moffat Niall H5/5
Alex Moffat Silicles H3/18
Alex Reekers Maya X4/14
Alexander Campbell Meklan X2/1
Alexander Gandar Telemon H0/3
Alexander Gandar Gyger H3/10
Alexander Gandar Zacharias H2/2
Alexander Petersons Odin X6/7, X6/8, X6/9, X6/13
Alexander Tant Xenan X2/13
Alexandra Hoskins-Smith Girl #2 X4/3
Alexandra Tydings Aphrodite H2/17, H3/3, H3/7, H3/18, H4/5, H5/18, H5/21, H6/2, X2/16, X3/10, X3/18, X4/12, X5/8, X5/11, X5/15/, X5/22, X6/12, X6/13, X6/19
Alexandra Tydings Crabella X5/15
Alexandra Tydings Pelia X4/12
Alexandra Tydings Stepmother X4/12
Alexandra Tydings Katherine H4/17
Alexis Arquette Caligula X6/12, X6/13
Alison Bruce Kahina X6/5
Alison Bruce Melosa X1/10
Alison Bruce Talia X5/4
Alison Bruce Postera H1/10
Alison Quigan Oracle H5/16
Alison Wall Lea X6/16
Alison Wall Minya X2/15, X3/10, X4/17, X4/19
Alistair Browning King X4/12
Alistair Browning Bronagh H5/3, H5/5, H5/8
Alistair Browning Meniskos H4/6
Alistair Douglas Proprietor H2/18
Alister Babbage Patron #2 X5/19
Alister Babbage Farmer H3/6
Alister Babbage Vendor H4/12
Allan Wilkins Head Guard X2/2
Allan Wilkins Thug X1/9
Allen O'Halloran Fatigued/Gashed Athenian X2/20
Allen O'Halloran Guard X5/8
Allen O'Halloran Scythian Soldier X4/4
Allen O'Halloran Upperclassman #3 H5/17
Alvin Fitisemanu Hawker X2/17
Alvin Fitisemanu Tavern Keeper X3/10
Alyssa Carr Hope (10 Months) X3/5
Amanda Lister Athena H2/17
Amanda Rees Marpessa H5/16
Amanda Rees Matron #1 H4/5
Amanda Rees Mina H2/12
Amanda Tollemache Thea X1/7
Amber Cunliffe Marcenea H4/10
Amber Sainsbury Amazon #1 H6/2
Amber Sainsbury Princess H4/5
Amber Sainsbury Regina H3/16
Amber-Jane Raab Poena H1/11
Amber Jane Raab Townsperson #1 H0/4
Amron McCormack Warrior #1 X3/3
Amy Morrison Hope H4/13, H4/14, X3/11
Amy Morrison Cold Child #1 H0/3
Andre Coppell Squad Leader X3/4
Andrea Bruce Teacher H5/19
Andrea Croton Persephone H2/8, H3/5
Andrea Kelland Village Leader X5/20
Andrea Kelland Factory Worker H5/15
Andrew Binns Hippocrates X1/24
Andrew Binns Marcus H5/20
Andrew Eggleton Upperclassman #2 H5/17
Andrew Glover Man #2 X3/10
Andrew Glover Cryer H5/4
Andrew Glover Farmer H4/9
Andrew Glover Illegibus H3/11
Andrew Glover Thief H5/6
Andrew Glover Snr. Crowd member H0/5
Andrew Jolly Travoltus H4/8
Andrew Kovacevich Berserk Man in Inn H0/4
Andrew Kovacevich Allus X6/10
Andrew Kovacevich Garth X4/11
Andrew Kovacevich Inn Keeper X4/4
Andrew Kovacevich Tor X1/10
Andrew Kovacevich Bystander H3/16
Andrew Kovacevich Oceanus H6/8
Andrew Kovacevich Odeon H1/3
Andrew Kovacevich Proprietor H2/13
Andrew Kovacevich Sepsus H2/5
Andrew McMillan Gate Guard X2/2
Andrew Thurtell Kurion H0/1
Andrew Thurtell Twickenham X1/13
Andrew Thurtill Danion H0/5
Andy Anderson Hesiot X1/7
Andy Anderson Zandar H2/9
Andy Choi Go Kun X5/6
Angela Dotchin Soraya X3/19
Angela Dotchin Nautica H5/18, H5/21
Angela Franklin Mother H4/22
Angela Gribben Laura X5/1
Angela Gribben Daphne H2/11
Angela Shirley Princess Hippolyta H4/18
Anita Marshall Villager H4/10
Ann Baxter Disciple X5/9
Ann Baxter Elderly Woman X2/17
Ann Baxter Woman/Village Woman/Old Woman X3/10
Ann Baxter Old Woman H5/6, H5/7
Anne Nordhaus Xena Fan #1 X6/20
Annmarie Dennis Tisiphone X5/22, X6/1
Anthony Jones Centurion H5/5
Anthony Quinn Zeus H0/1, H0/2, H0/3, H0/4, H0/5
Anthony Ray Parker Bacchus X2/4
Anthony Ray Parker Deliverer X3/4
Anthony Ray Parker Mephistopheles X6/2
Anthony Ray Parker Minotaur H0/5
Anthony Ray Parker Pinullus X2/22
Anthony Ray Parker Ipicles H1/12
Anthony Ray Parker Minotaur H2/12
Anthony Ray Parker Valerus H2/14
Anthony Taylor Village Elder H4/9
Anthony Wong Lin Qi X5/7
Anton Bentley Athol X1/18
Anton Bentley Centurion X3/4
Anton Bentley Perdicas X1/1
Anton Bentley Lead Sentry H2/12
Antonio Te Maioha Dumuzi H5/2
Antonio Te Maioha Boraxis/Ajax Right Hand Soldier H4/19
Antonio Te Maioho Captain X6/1
Antonio Te Maioho Kal X5/2
Antony Martin Antioch Man H4/18
Antony Starr David X2/3
Antony Starr Mesas X1/10
Arch Goodfellow Kelton X1/17
Arch Goodfellow Lout H1/2
Arch Goodfellow Old Man H3/8
Arch Goodfellow Pyturis H1/4
Arthur Ranford Tidus H4/3
Asa Lindh Alecto X3/1, X5/22, X6/1
Asa Lindh Lady of the Lake H5/19
Asa Lindh Maiden #2 H2/13
Ashleigh Howard Child H6/3
Ashley Laurence Daniella H2/20
Ashley Stansfield Sentry X1/18
Audie England Rheanna H2/15
Aurora Philips Magdelus X1/10
B.J. Johns Ugly on Bridge H1/7
Barbara Cartwright Magi #3 X5/13
Barnie Duncan Surfer Dude X6/16
Barret Irwin Warrior X4/1
Barry Duffield Koryak X4/1, X4/2
Barry Duffield Kazankis H4/10
Barry Duffield Pirate H5/1
Barry Hill King Ilus H0/2
Barry Spring Zeno H4/2
Barry Te Hira Craigan X2/22
Barry Te Hira Head Highwayman X1/18
Barry Te Hira Nomad Lookout X6/5
Barry Te Hira Guard H3/8
Barry Te Hira Leader H2/11
Belinda Todd Priestess H2/14
Belinda Waymouth Celesta H4/3
Ben Baker Chalcis X4/1
Ben Baker Dockhand X3/19
Ben Brown Villager X6/9
Ben Brown Villager #2 X5/14
Ben Brown Villager H5/20
Ben Cooke Goon #1 H6/2
Ben Cooke Upperclassman #4 H5/17
Ben Crowder Tough Elean H2/16
Ben Eastwood Spotter H2/16
Ben Reed Thor H5/6, H5/7
Benedicta Joseph Brigid H5/5, H5/6, H5/8
Benjamin Banse Prison Guard X3/8
Benjamin Banse Villager H4/11
Benjamin Crellin Brutus' Lieutenant X5/18
Bernard Moody Drunk H4/13, X1/13, X5/11
Bernard Moody Elderly Man H2/3
Bernard Moody Messenger H3/6
Bernard Moody Old Drunk H1/4
Bernard Moody Proprietor H2/10
Bert Keiller Cadbury X3/5
Bert Keiller Agitator H3/14
Beryl Te Wiata Cynara X1/4
Beryl Te Wiata Midwife X5/5
Beryl Te Wiata Old Woman X1/9
Beryl Te Wiata Priestess #2 X3/10
Beryl te Wiata Old Psyche H3/7
Beth Allen Vanesa/P'lee X4/11
Bill Borlase Villager H1/9
Bill Florian Lieutenant X4/9
Bill Florian Security Guard X3/15
Bill Florian Head Guard H6/1
Bill Johnson Benitar X1/6
Bill Johnson Petrakis H1/9
Bill Johnson Veklos H3/15
Bill Thomas Healer H5/6
Bill Urale Henchman #1 H3/3
Billy Wagstaff Beggar H5/15
Blair Fraser Messenger X3/6
Bob Blackwell Bartender X5/19
Bob Johnson Athenian #2 X2/20
Bob Johnson Lieutenant X4/11
Bob Johnson Barkeep H6/5
Bobbie McKay Xena/Leah/Meg Body Double X3/9
Bobby Hosea Marcus X1/5, X1/16
Brad Carpenter Amphion H2/12, H2/21
Brad Homan Head Archer X2/3
Brad Homan Jiela X3/4
Brenda Kendall Janus the Bartender H0/2
Brenda Kendall Pageant Matron X2/11
Brenda Kendall Woman Shopper H2/16
Brendan Perkins Attica Guard H2/19
Brendan Young Young Villager X5/21
Brendhan Lovegrove Man H2/12
Brendhan Lovegrove Pylon H2/19
Brent Barrett Uris H3/9
Brent Gilbert Drowned Athenian X2/20
Brent Marshall Advisor H6/6
Brett Coutts Micah X3/14
Brett Higginson Peasant X4/10
Brett Higginson Villager H4/22
Brett Stewart Stichius H3/18
Brett Stewart Titus H5/15
Brett Turner Billius H4/9
Brian Robson N.D. Villager #2 H3/21
Brian Thompson Goth H2/4
Bridget Hoffman Echidna H2/7, H2/10, H3/6
Brittney Powell Brunnhilda X6/7, X6/8, X6/9
Bruce Allpress Enos H1/13
Bruce Allpress Old Man H1/3
Bruce Allpress Phidias H4/19
Bruce Allpress Septus H2/10
Bruce Allpress Skouras H5/11
Bruce Allpress Skouros H3/5
Bruce Burfield Inebriated Patron X5/19
Bruce Burfield Town Crier X6/17
Bruce Burfield Bartender H3/10
Bruce Burfield Prisoner H4/5
Bruce Campbell Autolycus H2/1, H3/19, H4/1, H4/12, H4/16, H4/17, H4/18, H5/4, H5/14, H6/5, X1/17, X2/13, X3/8, X3/19, X3/20, X4/6, X4/10, X4/19
Bruce Campbell Autolycus/Autolyca/Farciferous H4/12
Bruce Campbell Rob Tapert H4/15, H5/9
Bruce Davis-Goff Carpathian Man H4/18
Bruce Hopkins Barkeep X5/10
Bruce Hopkins Rahl X4/11
Bruce Hopkins Tegason X2/8
Bruce Hopkins Termin X1/3
Bruce Hopkins Jordis H2/15
Bruce Hopkins Nehemiah H4/3
Bruce Hopkins Pylon H2/10
Bruce Hopkins Triton H5/18, H5/21
Bruce Phillips Atticus H2/6
Bruce Phillips Jacobus H2/22
Bruce Phillips Palamedes H3/18
Bruce Phillips Pandion H4/22
Burt Turner Goon #1 H5/18
Buzz Moller Cletis H0/4
Buzz Moller Tyros H1/6
Buzz Moller Zachariah H3/10
Caitlin McDougall Nogolin X4/5
Caleb Ross Temecula X4/5
Caleb Ross Nico H3/21
Callum Gallagher Young Lyceus X3/18
Callum Rowe Student H4/22
Callum Stembridge Aurelius H1/5
Calvin Tuteao Dagon X2/3
Calvin Tuteao Doge of Messini X2/11
Calvin Tuteao Gurkhan X6/4
Calvin Tuteao Natros H2/18
Cameron Rhodes Deophobus X1/12
Cameron Rhodes Eldon X3/15
Cameron Russell Bliss X2/22
Cameron Stanton Kid #2 H5/17
Campbell Cooley Euraylus X4/4
Campbell Cooley First Guard X3/20
Campbell Cooley Licinus X4/6
Campbell Cooley Random Reporter X6/20
Campbell Cooley Vargus H6/2
Campbell Rouselle First Mate H3/22
Campbell Rouselle Sergeant H3/17
Campbell Rouselle Thug H2/14
Campbell Rousselle Man #2 X3/2
Campbell Rousselle Thug #1 X2/10
Campbell Rousselle Warrior #2 X3/3
Campbell Rousselle Ares' Soldier H6/8
Campbell Rousselle Cretan #1 H2/5
Campbell Rousselle Sentry H1/13
Campbell Rousselle Terrorist H4/18
Carl Bland Layos X2/19
Carl Bland Pilot H2/6
Carl Straker Young Man X1/4
Carly Binding Whoosh Reporter X6/20
Carol Seay Woman H4/11
Catherine Bell Cynea H3/10
Catherine Boniface Meridian X3/4, X3/5
Catherine Boniface Priestess X2/22
Catherine Boniface Satrina X4/9
Celi Foncesca Tisiphone X3/1
Celia Nicolson Madam X6/13
Chad Bennett Sentry X3/11
Chantelle Brownlee Bride X1/16
Charles Keating Zeus H6/8, X5/12
Charles Mesure Darnelle X3/3
Charles Mesure Mercer X2/20
Charles Mesure Michael X5/1, X6/2, X6/3, X6/12, X6/13
Charles Mesure Archangel Michael H5/22
Charles Mesure Johnny Pinto H4/15
Charles Pierard Thessalian Guard X1/24
Charles Pierard Lemnos H3/10
Charles Siebert Poseidon X2/19, X2/21
Charles Siebert Sisyphus X2/8
Charlotte Corner Young Amazon X5/17
Charlotte Pennington Sister H3/1
Charlotte Saunders Anokin X4/1
Charmaine Guest Greba X6/10
Charmaine Guest Ariadne H4/21
Charmaine Guest Leche H5/20
Chelsea Howell Kid #3 H5/17
Chelsea Howell Mia H5/22
Cherie Bray-Taylor Thea X3/20
Cherie Bray-Taylor Virgin #2 X2/22
Cherry Davis Millicent H4/16
Chic Littlewood Gambling Villager H0/2
Chic Littlewood Attendant H4/18
Chic Littlewood King Tolas H3/20
Chloe Jordan Lachesis X5/12, X5/19, X6/18, X6/20
Chris Auchinvole Man X3/10
Chris Bailey Agis X2/6
Chris Bailey Apex X2/18
Chris Bailey Celano X1/10
Chris Bailey Cletis H2/5
Chris Bailey Tarkon H2/16
Chris Bailey Timur* AH
Chris Bohm Guard X1/15
Chris Bohm N.D. Villager #1 H3/21
Chris Conrad Young Jason H4/11, H4/20, H4/21
Chris Graham Slave Boss X2/2
Chris Graham Toxeus X1/9, X1/16
Chris Graham Colchis H4/16
Chris Graham Courtier #1 H6/6
Chris McDowall Krytus H1/11
Chris McKibbin Leader H2/16
Chris Ryan Blutos X5/11
Chris Ryan Stepfather X4/12
Chris Ryan Stepmother X4/12
Chris Ryan Virgilius (Virilius) X2/8
Chris Ryan Zantar (/Stepfather / Stepmother) X4/12
Chris Sherwood Draxel X4/7
Chris Sherwood Guard #1 X3/15
Christian Hodge Man X2/13
Christian Hodge Prisoner X3/8
Christian Hodge Teracles X1/6
Christian Hodge Bandit #2 H2/22
Christian Hodge Drunk #1 H3/15
Christian Hodge Lapithus H1/8
Christian Hodge Soldier #3 H6/3
Christine Bartlett Philana X1/4
Christine Bartlett Townsperson #2 X5/10
Christine Bartlett Diner H4/17
Christine Bartlett Villager #1 H2/6
Christopher Brougham Lethan H0/1
Christopher Brougham Warlock/Janus H0/3
Christopher Mayer Peranis X1/6
Christopher Saunoa Ixion H1/3
Ciaran Pennington Young Man X5/10
Claire Stansfield Alexis X6/16
Claire Stansfield Alti X4/1, X4/2, X4/15, X5/5, X6/16, X6/18
Claire Yarlett Thera H2/17
Clare Carey Aegina H1/1
Claudia Black Karina* X5/16, AH
Claudia Black Cassandra H3/22, H4/10
Cliff Curtis Nessus H0/4
Cliff Curtis Nemis H1/6
Clint Sharplin Townsperson #1 X5/10
Clint Sharplin Celtic Villager H5/3
Clint Sharplin Kenickus H4/3
Clint Sharplin Opakus H5/12
Clinton Elvy Punk H4/21
Colin Francis Hurried Villager X2/17
Colin Francis Swordsmith X1/3
Colin Francis The Grump X1/11
Colin Francis Sneak Thief H2/7
Colin Francis Wolfgang Puke H4/17
Colin Mathura-Jeffree Shakti X4/15
Colin Moy Augustus X5/20
Colin Moy Galantis X5/8
Colin Moy Phantes X1/10
Colin Moy Jaris H4/3
Collette Pennington Housewife X2/22
Collette Pennington Nurse X2/6
Cory Everson Atalanta H1/5, H2/16, H4/19
Craig Ancell Milo X4/11
Craig Ancell Paxxon H4/4
Craig Doherty Roman Guard X5/20
Craig Hall Raczar X6/11
Craig Hall Timuron H2/11
Craig Muller Pasicus X4/9
Craig Parker Bellerophon X6/15
Craig Parker Cleades X4/10
Craig Parker Sarpedon X2/16
Craig Walsh-Wrightson Captain X6/14
Craig Walsh-Wrightson King Lynaeus X2/16
Craig Walsh-Wrightson Lysis X3/1
Crawford Thomson Dictys X1/5
Crawford Thomson Prognese X1/17
Crawford Thomson Villager X5/14
Crawford Thomson Arcarious H3/11
Crawford Thomson Ruffian H4/14
Crawford Thomson Thug H2/6
Cynthia Rothrock Enforcer II H3/5
Dai Henwood Siki X6/10
Dale Corlett Jonathan X2/3
Dale Corlett Thaddeus H2/2
Damian Nixey Gang Kid #1 H5/12
Damien Lay Isoceles H6/7
Damien Lay Neighbor's Son H2/5
Damien Wood Male Servant H3/3
Dan Ryan Roman #1 X2/12
Dan Sharkey Townsman X4/18
Dane Jerro Homesteader X1/2
Dane Jerro Roman Captain X5/20
Dane Jerro Head Soldier H3/15
Dane Jerro Soldier #1 H6/3
Daniel Batten Pyro H2/9
Daniel Batten Weasel H2/6
Daniel Chilton Boy X2/2
Daniel Hennessey Libinius H5/5
Daniel James Young Iolaus H0/1
Daniel James Lynal X2/9
Daniel Lim Ming T'ien (12 years) X3/6, X3/7
Daniel Logan Zaylan H5/11
Daniel Martin Soldier X3/4
Daniel Parker Thief #1 X2/4
Daniel Sing Ming T'ien X3/6, X3/7, X3/12, X5/7
Daniel Warren Strongman Brother H0/2
Daniel Warren Cletis H1/4
Danielle Cormack Ephiny X1/10, X1/24, X2/13, X2/14, X3/11, X3/12, X4/20, X6/17, H4/7, H5/12
Danielle Cormack Samsara* X5/16, AH
Danielle Cormack Marie DeValle H3/17
Danny Lineham Grathios X1/6
Danny Lineham Drinker #2 H1/9
Danny Lineham Johe H4/7
Danny Lineham Lycus H2/12
Danny Lineham School teacher H5/10
Danny Phillips Hera worshipper H6/1
Danny Phillips Vendor H6/5
Darien Takle Cyrene X1/1, X2/7, X3/1, X4/19, X5/10, X5/14, X6/2
Darren Ludlam Mykonos H3/3
Darren Warren Strongman Brother H0/2
Darren Warren Claris H1/4
Darren Young Brutus X4/5
Darryl Brown Kryton X4/18
Dave Collins Townie H5/21
David Ackroyd Anteus X1/19
David Aston Tyldus X1/10
David Aston Cretus H1/12
David Baxter Elderly Holy Man X6/12
David Baxter Tantalus H2/8
David Buckley Lineus' Aide H5/22
David Coddington Villager H5/14
David de Lautour Icus X1/19
David de Lautour Lief X5/1
David Downs Choleus H3/11
David Drew Gallagher Deon H2/22
David Fitchew Vendor X2/13
David Fitchew Court Officer H3/1
David Fitchew Desk Assistant H4/12
David Fomison Passmore Male Actor X6/18
David Franklin Brutus X4/20, X4/21, X5/18, X6/18
David Geary Guard #2 X2/2
David Geary Lieutenant H3/20
David Goodwin Lark X3/14
David Goodwin Thief #2 X2/4
David Goodwin Citizen #2 H3/22
David Goodwin Mogo H5/21
David Holton Lieutenant X3/4
David Holton Knight #1 H5/19
David Mackie Rhodos X1/7
David Mackie Guard H2/11
David Mackie Hemnor H3/13, H3/14, H3/19, H5/13
David Mercer Surviving Warrior H1/13
David Mercer Tapus H1/8
David Mitchell Gorney X1/21
David Mitchell Innkeeper X1/8
David Mitchell Tavernkeeper X3/5
David Perrett Farmer X2/22
David Perrett Gar X1/1
David Press Atlas H6/8
David Press Garas H3/8
David Press Glaucus H1/2
David Scordino Second Guard X2/5
David Scott Pawnicles H2/2
David Stott Boatman H1/7
David Stott Salmoneus Double H5/4
David Stott Thief #1 H3/4
David Sutherland Otus H4/1
David Taylor Solan X2/1, X3/11, X3/12
David Taylor Franco H0/1
David Te Rare Darcon X5/4
David Te Rare Marat X4/8
David Te Rare Theodorus X1/22, X2/5, X2/7
David Telford Announcer X5/8
David Telford Malthus X1/17
David Weatherley Gastacius X1/13
David Weatherley Judge H4/10
Dean O'Gorman Orion X1/13
Dean O'Gorman Wiglaf X6/9
Dean O'Gorman Ruun H4/7
Dean O'Gorman Young Iolaus H4/3, H4/11, H4/20
Dean O'Gorman Horan H1/12
Dean Stewart Executioner X2/17
Dean Stewart Gravus H4/5
Deane Vipond Head Wound Man X1/24
Debbie Newby Female Actor X6/18
Dee Wernham Woman #3 X4/17
Denise O'Connell Queen Maliphone H3/9
Denise Snoad Ara H4/2
Denise Snoad Hilda H5/6, H5/7
Dennis Hally Bootmaker X4/6
Dennis Hally Headmaster X4/18
Dennis Hally King Saul X2/3
Dennis Hally Headmaster H6/1
Denys Hoskins Critic #2 X4/17
Denys Hoskins Priest X6/9
Derek Judge Monicles H4/4
Derek Payne Daedalus H3/2, H4/10
Derek Payne King Hector H3/11
Derek Payne Hector H2/19
Derek Ward Agitator H4/9
Derek Ward The Ferret H1/2
Derek Ward Thief #2 H3/4
Des Wallace Con #2 H6/1
Des Wallace Thug #1 H5/16
Desmond Kelly Elkton X1/3
Deverik Williams Tybelus X3/2
Diana Rowan Shepherd X5/22
Din Tran Prison Guard X3/7
Dion Blair Soldier X5/18
Don Linden Council Member/Minister X5/15
Don Linden Master of Ceremonies H2/7
Donald Baigent Evander H1/2
Donna Pivac 1st Siren X2/19
Donogh Rees Chi'ah X5/5
Donogh Rees Cabiri H5/21
Donogh Rees Frigga H5/6, H5/7
Doug McCaulay Aescalus X1/23
Doug McCaulay Captain X6/12
Doug McCaulay Bromius H4/4
Doug McCaulay Guard H2/15
Douglas Kamo Border Guard X5/14
Douglas Kamo Brother #2 (/Stepsister) X4/12
Douglas Kamo Dorian X3/13
Douglas Kamo Stepsister X4/12
Douglas Kamo Sullus X2/17
Dwayne Cameron Leon* AH
Ebonie Smith M'Lila X2/12
Edd Bennetto Citizen #1 H3/22
Eddie Campbell Drinker #1 H1/9
Edith Runner X1/24
Edith Sidebottom Widow Twanky H4/8, H4/12, H5/15
Eduardo de Campos Sophocles X4/17
Edward Campbell Altrech X2/21
Edward Campbell Crius X1/7
Edward Campbell Artemus H2/14
Edward Newborn Gregor X1/4
Edward Newborn Perdidis H2/23
Edward Newborn Polonius H3/9
Elaine Bracey Villager Woman H2/22
Eli Sharplin Shamus H6/7
Elizabeth Hawthorne Newswoman X6/16
Elizabeth Hawthorne Queen Omphale H0/2
Elizabeth Hawthorne Alcmene H1/1, H1/8, H1/9
Elizabeth Hawthorne Jocasta H6/3
Elizabeth Hawthorne Mary Contrary, newscaster H4/15
Elizabeth Pendergrast Atropos X2/2, X3/21, X3/22, X5/12, X5/19, X6/18, X6/20, H3/15
Elizabeth Pendergrast Woman shopper H2/7
Elizabeth Skeen Sera X1/23
Emily Hartley-Skudder Little Girl H5/6, H5/7
Emily Jackson Young Oena H4/8
Emlyn Williams Trevin H5/19
Emma Brunette Sarah X2/3
Emma Menzies Syreeta H2/9
Emma Turner Flora X1/11
Emma Turner Leucosia H1/3
Emmeline Hawthrone Bane X6/15
Eric Close Telamon H0/2
Eric Gruendemann Fisherman H1/7
Eric Gruendemann High Priest H1/1
Eric Lynch Best Buddy X2/22
Eric Lynch Bantoc H4/3
Erik Thomson Hades H2/8, H2/11, H3/5, X1/9, X1/16, X2/7, X4/1
Erik Thomson King Daulin H1/11
Faye Flegg Mirim H2/15
Fiona Mogridge Mariah (listed as 'Moira' in some transcripts) H3/16
Fiona Mogridge Illa H0/1
Fiona Mogridge Evanthea H3/3
Fiona Mogridge Breanna H2/10
Fiona Mogridge Cheris H1/6
Fleur and Zana Coric Baby H1/12
Francesca Waters Okaleia H4/2
Francis Bell Auctioneer H0/2
Frank Iwan, Jr. Colfax X2/21
Frank Stevens King Nikolos H3/2
Fred Craig Mong H2/23
Fred Morton Bordello Girl #1 X3/9
Frederick Bedford Village Priest X2/5
Frederick Bedford Villager X4/11
Frederick Bedford Local H5/13
Gabriel Prendergast Old Man H5/20
Gabriel Prendergast Spagos H1/10
Gabriella Larkin Khindin X4/15
Gabriella Larkin Queen Nefertiti H6/6
Galyn Gorg Helen X1/12
Galyn Gorg Anuket H3/4
Gary Elliott Gravedigger H5/16
Gary Elliott Peasant #1 H5/13
Gary Elliott Shepherd H5/4
Gary Young Saburo X6/21, X6/22
Gavin Rutherford Centurion X3/16
Genevieve Lucre Orphan #1 X2/9
Genevieve McLean Hildegyth X6/9
Geoff Allen Martan H0/5
Geoff Allen Farmer H2/8
Geoff Barlow Storekeeper X2/2
Geoff Barlow Old man H4/10
Geoff Clendon Bride's Father X1/16
Geoff Clendon Father H4/7
Geoff Clendon Foreman H2/9
Geoff Clendon Oronis H4/14
Geoff Clendon Witness H3/5
Geoff Dolan Henchman #1 X5/10
Geoff Dolan Head of Fashion Police H5/15
Geoff Dolan Henchman H4/8
Geoff Dolan Orenth H3/10
Geoff Houtman Gangrene Man X1/24
Geoff Houtman Juris H3/8
Geoff Knight Big Man X5/10
Geoff Knight Key Guard X4/10
Geoff Snell Peasant #2 H0/3
Geoff Snell Herodotus X1/1, X4/3
Geoff Snell Clytus H2/13
Geoff Snell Elis H4/8
Geoff Snell Headmaster H5/17
Geoffrey Clarke Adviser #1 H5/8
Geoffrey Knight 1st Pirate X2/19
Geoffrey Knight Antony's Lieutenant X5/18
Geoffrey Knight Trojan Guard X1/12
Geoffrey Knight Agitator H3/15
Geoffrey Knight Slave Driver H3/22
George Boyle Old Man H0/2
George Boyle Court Bailiff H2/19
George Henare Hidsim X2/21
George Henare Zarathustra H5/10, H5/11
George Kee Cheung Khan X5/7
George Port Critic #1 X4/17
George Sabbage Man X4/16
George Setefano Rowdy #1 H3/21
George Setefano Valtel H5/16
Georgia Linney Serena's Child H5/21
Gerry Eller Xerxos' Mother H6/1
Gilbert Goldie Nevus H0/2
Gilbert Goldie Beggar X6/2
Gilbert Goldie Town Elder X4/7
Gilbert Goldie Village Elder H3/3
Gillian Iliana Waters Amoria X5/10
Gina Torres Cleopatra X3/8
Gina Torres Beth Hymson, casting director H4/15
Gina Torres Empress H5/13
Gina Torres Nebula H4/4, H4/19, H5/1, H5/2, H5/8, H5/10, H5/11
Gina Varela Milda X6/4
Glen Drake Klunter H6/5
Glen Drake Nikos H4/20
Glen Levy Grindl X6/7, X6/8
Glenis Levestam Erytheia H4/22
Glenn Ellerin Peddler H5/17
Glenn Shadix Typhon H2/10, H3/6, H4/1
Gordon Hatfield Minion #1 H0/4
Gordon Hatfield Rufinus X3/1
Gordon Hatfield Seerus X1/9
Gordon Hatfield Freedom Fighter H3/5
Gordon Hatfield Lieutenant H1/13
Gordon Hatfield Temple Guard H1/1
Graciela Heredia Megaera X3/1
Grae Burton Crewmember H5/2
Graeme Moran Professor H5/10
Graeme Moran Villager #1 H3/21
Graham Dolan Nomad #2 X6/5
Graham Lauder Armorer X6/1
Graham Lauder Lagos X2/18
Graham Lauder Cecrops Ghost H3/4
Graham Lauder First Mate H4/4
Graham Lauder Trapper #1 H3/13
Graham Smith Boat Captain X3/16
Graham Smith Senior Zealot X1/19
Graham Smith Baker H5/19
Graham Smith Leukos H2/7
Graham Smith Marcius H3/10
Grahame Moore Polonius X1/13
Grahame Moore Street Vendor H3/22
Grant Adams Clapper Loader H4/15
Grant Boucher 2nd Xena Warrior X1/3
Grant Boucher Lieutenant X6/17
Grant Boucher Magi #2 X5/13
Grant Boucher Telos X2/12
Grant Boucher Customer H2/6
Grant Boucher Henchman H3/6
Grant Boucher Hunter H2/13
Grant Boucher Publius H5/5
Grant Bridger Pinched Face H0/4
Grant Bridger Farmer Paxon X5/10
Grant Bridger Sinteres X1/17
Grant Bridger Karis H2/22
Grant Bridger Augeas H3/18
Grant Heslov Klepto H3/6
Grant McFarland Ming Tzu X3/6, X3/7
Grant McFarland Scoundrel #1 H2/24
Grant McFarland Shellus H3/19
Grant Tilly Toth H3/10
Grant Triplow Brutus X2/12, X3/16
Grant Triplow Clarion H2/15
Greer Robson Sirene H2/22
Greg Johnson Idas H0/4
Greg Johnson Bandit #1 H2/22
Greg Morman Drunk Villager X3/20
Greg Morman Fishmonger H2/22
Greg Ward Villager #3 X5/9
Gregor McLennan Captain X6/21
Gregor McLennan Nomad #1 X6/5
Gregor McLennan Guard #1 H3/4
Guus de Koster Merchant X6/7
Guy Ryan Sex Symbol Guy X5/10
Hamish Hector-Taylor Xenan X6/17
Hannah Carr Hope (10 Months) X3/5
Hannah Collins Little girl H3/21, H4/17
Hannah Malloch Lorel H3/16
Harriet Crampton Hysterical Woman X1/24
Harry Lyon Nick H4/2
Heidi Anderson Girl being Heckled H0/1
Heidi Anderson Slave Girl X1/20
Heidi Jeory Mother H3/19
Helen Phung Tei X5/7
Helen Steemson Village Girl H0/1
Hemi Rudolph Head Guard X2/9
Hemi Rudolph Telamon X4/6
Hemi Rudolph Cercetes H4/4
Hemi Rudolph Targa* AH
Henry Vaeoso Fat Warrior X1/22
Henry Vaeoso Keb H3/4
Hilary Cleary Gryphon Elder H0/4
Hilary Cleary Old Woman X4/12
Hilary McMillan Jinni the Genie H5/4
Hori Ahipene Ferragus X6/19
Hori Ahipene Brutus H5/18
Hudson Leick Callisto X1/22, X2/5, X2/7, X2/14, X3/11, X3/12, X3/21, X3/22, X4/21, X5/1, X5/9, H3/12, H4/13, H4/14
Hudson Leick Xena X2/7, X2/8
Hudson Leick Liz Friedman, producer H4/15, H5/9
Hugh Porter King Valtel H5/22
Huntly Eliott Calicus X1/14
Huntly Eliott First Citizen X1/1
Huntly Eliott Judge X4/7
Huntly Eliott Town Elder H3/15
Huntly Eliott Vitron H4/18
Iain Rea Brisus X1/5
Iain Rea Philemon X1/15, X2/6
Ian Bohen Young Hercules H4/3, H4/11, H4/20, H4/21
Ian Harcourt Rubio X6/6
Ian Harrop Magmar X1/17
Ian Harrop Wharfmaster X3/20
Ian Harrop Camp Boss H1/13
Ian Harrop Fisherperson H4/11
Ian Harrop Triptolemus H2/8
Ian Hughes Diomedes X1/11
Ian Hughes Mac X6/16
Ian Hughes Melas X1/22
Ian Hughes Loki H5/6, H5/7
Ian Hughes Calimachus H4/20
Ian Miller Low Life X1/15
Ian Miller Boss Highwayman H2/7
Ian Miller Pirate Captain H5/1
Ian Miller Toll Collector H1/10
Ian Mune Menas Maxius H1/10
Ian Mune Director H4/15
Ian Mune King Sidon H2/17
Ian Watkin Butcher H4/16
Ian Watkin Inn Keeper H1/2
Ian Watkin King Quallus H3/19
Ilona Rodgers Queen Camilla H1/4
Ilona Rodgers Queen Euriana H3/11
Inia Maxwell Head Guard H5/4
Irene Drake Karros H2/5
Irene Malone Vendor H6/4
Jacinda Barret Medea H4/11
Jack Dacey Brawny Zealot X1/19
Jack Dacey Creon X1/7
Jack Dacey Trappas H2/7
Jacob Rutene Young Belach X6/17
Jacqueline Collen Penelope H1/6
Jacqueline Kim Lao Ma X3/6, X3/7
Jacques Dupeyroux Baby Hercules H0/1
Jaime Kaire-Gataulu Orphan #2 X2/9
Jake McKinnon Hanuman X4/16
James Beaumont Panthius H3/22
James Croft Ketor H2/5
James Gaylyn Petracles X5/9
James Gaylyn Nagus H5/12
James Gaylyn Villager H5/1
James Marcum Warrior #3 X1/20
James Marcum Barkeeper H2/9
James O'Farrell Bornus H2/20
James O'Farrell Ironhead H2/2
James Townshend Theseus H2/23
Jan Hellriegel Hestia X3/9
Jan Hellriegel Priestess of Mnemosyne X3/17
Jane Cresswell Maiden H2/11
Jane Cresswell Proteus H2/20
Jane Fullerton-Smith Woman In Hell X4/21
Jane Thomas Queen Parnassa H3/8
Jason Fonseca Shimlai X4/15
Jason Garner Young Trooper H2/3
Jason Greenwood Citizen H3/22
Jason Hill Roman Captain X6/14
Jason Hoyte Athenian #1 X2/20
Jason Hoyte Hephaestus X5/19
Jason Hoyte Timus X1/15
Jason Hoyte Hephaestus H6/2
Jason Hoyte Cohort H3/9
Jason Hoyte Scarred Lieutenant H2/16
Jason Hoyte Skell H4/3
Jason Hunt Boy From Town H0/4
Jason Kennedy Carus X2/8
Jason Palmer Hosep X6/6
Jason Tahu Thug #1 X3/18
Jason Tahu Assassin H6/6
Jason Tahu Paintball Player H4/15
Jason Tahu Sho* AH
Jason Te Kare Flectus H4/18
Jaswant Singh Kelta X4/15
Jay Laga'aia Draco X1/1, X2/22, X5/10
Jay Saussey Village Girl H0/2
Jay Saussey Young Woman X4/1, X4/2
Jay Saussey Ocea H4/8, H5/15
Jay Saussey Marsha* AH
Jean Hyland Priestess #1 X3/10
Jean Hyland Mother H1/11, H2/6
Jed Brophy Ramius X5/19
Jed Brophy Gnatius H2/13
Jeff Boyd Kaleipus X3/11
Jeff Boyd Echelus H0/1
Jeff Gane Peddler H2/9
Jeff Gane Rak H1/7
Jeff Gane Thug Leader H2/13
Jeff Thomas Cycnus X1/2
Jeffrey Meek Prince Vlad H6/4
Jeffrey Thomas Jason H2/14, H2/21, H3/5, H3/12, H4/10, H4/11, H4/16, H4/20, H4/21, H4/22, H5/10, H5/11, H5/16
Jeffrey Thomas Bellicus H1/10
Jennifer Ludlam Alcmene H0/1
Jennifer Rucker Miss Parnassus X2/11
Jennifer Rucker Police Officer #1 X6/16
Jennifer Rucker Xena Fan #2 X6/20
Jennifer Sky Amarice X4/20, X4/21, X5/1, X5/2, X5/4, X5/5
Jennifer Ward-Lealand Boadicea X3/4
Jennifer Ward-Lealand Zehra X4/17
Jennifer Ward-Lealand Voluptua H2/2
Jenya Lano Mavican X5/3
Jeremy Burchall The Other Joxer/Jett X3/8
Jeremy Callaghan Palaemon X2/18
Jeremy Callaghan Pompey X3/16, X4/5, X4/20
Jeremy Curry Warlord X3/21
Jeremy Curry Assistant H3/16
Jeremy James Wood Dahak Disciple #1 X3/22
Jeremy Roberts Aidan X4/13
Jeremy Roberts Thersites X1/14
Jeremy Roberts Derk H3/1
Jeremy Roberts Xerxos H6/1
Jill Sayre Ania H0/1
Jim McLarty Pankos X5/1
Jim McLarty Fish Merchant H5/18
Jim McLarty Myles H1/2
Jim McLarty Pankos H4/14
Jim McLarty Teacher H4/22
Jim Ngaata Gareth X2/15
Jim Ngaata Maximinimus X5/10
Jim Ngaata Pirate X5/15
Jim Ngaata Warlord X4/21
Jim Ngaata Guard H2/6
Jim Rawdon Porter H3/4
Jimi Liversidge Agranon X1/5
Jimmy Rawdon Father X1/11
Jo Lo Yo X6/4
Joanna Barrett Beautiful Girl H1/8
Joanne Baker Woman X6/12
Jodie Dorday Bordello Girl #2 X3/9
Jodie Dorday Io X1/8
Jodie Dorday Solari X2/13, X2/14
Jodie Dorday Lucretiana H5/14
Jodie Rimmer Seraphin X3/21, X3/22
Jodie Rimmer Seska H5/17, H6/7
Joe Berryman Senticles X2/9
Joel Tobeck Deimos H5/20, H6/2, X5/22
Joel Tobeck Lucifer X6/13
Joel Tobeck King Beraeus H2/18
Joel Tobeck Strife H3/13, H3/14, H3/15, H3/19, H4/13, H4/15
Joel Tobeck David Scott Pollison / Strife H4/15
Johanna Elms Daughter H2/19
John Barker Young Soldier H6/3
John Carr Watson Merchant X2/22
John Clarke Man X6/13
John Cullen Oba* AH
John D'Aquino Ulysses X2/19
John Dybvig Minion #3 H0/4
John Dybvig Brigand (Ox) X1/11
John Dybvig King Quallus H4/14
John Dybvig Rankor H1/7
John Dybvig Slave Trader H4/7
John Dybvig Tavern Thug H1/1
John Freeman Prometheus X1/8
John Freeman Smith H2/23
John Givins Istafan X4/6
John Givins Sultan H5/4
John Glass Man ('Joseph') X2/9
John Glass Tius X3/2
John Lawler Barkeeper X5/4
John Lawler Hortius H5/13
John Leigh Hrothgar X6/9
John Leigh Nailscot X4/21
John Leonard Soldier X2/3
John Leonard Fire Fighter H3/5
John Loof Roman Scavenger/Messenger X4/5
John Manning Captain X3/4
John Manning Greek Scout X1/12
John Manning Oaklin X4/9
John Manning Ranch Hand #1 X1/20
John Manning King Tyndareus H4/13
John Manning Merchant H3/3
John McKee Fake Eryx the Boxer H0/4
John McKee Lord Menos X3/2
John McKee Rivus X4/17
John McKee Scaberus X3/10
John McKee Gredor H2/23
John McKee Gruff Soldier H2/3
John Mellor Thug #2 H0/5
John Mellor Barkeep H4/10
John Mellor Crossbow H2/6
John Mellor Thug #1 H1/4
John O'Leary Adar X3/20
John O'Leary Antonius X1/5
John O'Leary Dalius X6/5
John O'Leary Gravetender H6/1
John O'Leary Judge H2/1
John O'Leary Magistrate H2/20
John Palino Emcee H6/5
John Palmer Baruch X1/3
John Palmer Traveler X1/16
John Palmer Soldier H3/2
John Parker Minister H3/11
John Pemberton Arresting Guard X1/11
John Pemberton Thug #3 H5/16
John Porter Villager #1 H5/3
John Roy Kempt Draxus Guard #2 H2/19
John Smith Bloomer X2/21
John Smith Boat Captain X2/8
John Smith Marleus X1/14
John Smith Shepherd X4/3
John Smith Stablehand X5/4
John Smith Socrates H2/17
John Smythe Apothecary X3/2
John Steemson Village Boy H0/1
John Sumner Inn Owner H0/2
John Sumner Lord Clairon X2/11
John Sumner Spencius H4/10
John Sumner Broteas H1/3
John Sumner Domesticles H2/14, H2/21
John Sumner Sheriff H6/5
John Watson Arben X1/10
John Watson Sokar H3/4
John Watson Temple Priest H0/3
John Watson Constable H2/1
John Watson Pilgrim #2 H1/1
John Watson Priest of Ares H5/22
John Watson Tarphius H2/16
John Wielemaker Alpha Male X6/6
John Wraight Lord Erick X6/9
Jon Bennett Antony X5/18
Jon Brazier Baptist X5/22
Jon Brazier Walsim X3/3
Jon Brazier Jakar H2/5
Jon Brazier Trinculos H3/9
Jon Brazier Mateus H6/4
Jon Brazier Mercenary #2 H1/11
Jon Brazier Slave Trader H2/9
Jon Brazier ('John Brazier') Tarsus X3/20
Jon Gadsby Lachrymose X5/11
Jon Gadsby Phobias H4/2
Jon Stubbs Tax Collector X4/10
Jon Stubbs Head Guard H5/3
Jon Stubbs Rowdy #2 H3/21
Jonathan Acorn Mirus X1/15
Jonathan Bell-Booth Chief Guard X1/11
Jonathan Bell-Booth Brother #1 H1/6
Jonathan Bell-Booth Centaur #1 H2/23
Jonathan Bell-Booth Highwayman H1/10
Jonathan Bell-Booth Zek H5/12
Jonathan Blick First Viking X6/7
Jonathan Blick Epius H2/17
Jonathan Blick Nestor H1/4
Jonathan Costello Horseman X5/22
Jonathan Muirhead Little Boy H5/7
Jonathon Acorn Slim Man X2/17
Jonathon Acorn Druid Of Mercy H5/3
Jonathon Brandise Soldier X6/8
Jonathon Hendry Ness X1/21
Jonathon Hendry Pontius X3/8
Jonathon Roberts Agathon X3/3
Jonathon Roberts Kurth H5/12
Jonathon Whittaker Andrus X1/20
Jorge Gonzales Eryx the Boxer H0/4
Joseph Greer Peleus H0/3
Joseph Greer Nikos H5/10
Joseph Greer Romanus H2/2
Joseph Hassell Sentry H1/11
Joseph Kell Toris X1/23
Joseph Main Urchin X5/15
Joseph Main Evander H6/8
Joseph Manning Euripedes X1/13
Joseph Murray Neron X3/2
Joseph Murray Dageth H4/3
Josephine Davison Artemis X5/22
Josephine Davison Cleopatra X5/18
Josephine Davison Alexa H3/20
Josephine Davison Amen-su H6/6
Josephine Davison Arachne H4/4
Josephine Davison Ramina H2/18
Joy Ramirez Amazon X5/17
Joy van Uden Rhea X5/17
Joy van Uden Amazon #2 H6/2
Joy Watson Voice of Hera H0/3
Joy Watson Palmist X3/19
Joy Watson Peddler H2/3
Julian Arahanga Cassius H2/23
Julian Arahanga Lead Bounty hunter H1/3
Julian Garner Hephaestus H3/3, X5/22
Julianne Evans Second Woman X1/7
Julie Collis Heliotrope H2/6, H2/21
Julie Taylor Hanged Woman X4/7
June Bishop Elderly Woman H3/6
Junior Chile Orphan #4 X2/9
Justin Curry Axe Victim X6/2
Justin Curry Doorman X5/8
Justin Curry G'Kug X2/20
Justin Curry Leo X3/15
Justin Fasanu Soldier #2 H3/18
Kamahl Santamaria Hypnotized Man X4/14
Kara Douglas Aliyah X6/3
Kara Zediker Serena/Hind H3/19
Karen Dior Miss Artiphys X2/11
Karen Morgan Woman ('Mary') X2/9
Karen Sheperd The Enforcer H2/13, H3/5
Karen Witter Nemesis H1/7
Karl Urban Caesar X2/12, X3/4, X3/12, X3/16, X4/5, X4/20, X4/21, X6/18, H5/5
Karl Urban Cupid H3/7, X2/16, X2/22
Karl Urban Kor* X5/16, AH
Karl Urban Maell X1/19
Kate Elliot Yakut X4/1, X4/2, X5/5, X5/16
Kate Harcourt Lahti H3/8
Kate Hodge Celesta X1/9
Kate Smeda Kara X5/19, X5/20
Katherine Kennard Miss Skiros X2/11
Katherine Ransom Mica H2/6, H2/21
Kathryn Morris Najara X4/8, X4/18
Katie Stuart Genia X6/19
Katie Wolfe Arciana H6/1
Katrina Browne Mendala X3/16
Katrina Browne Thalassa X4/7
Katrina Browne Haleh H6/7
Katrina Browne Siri H4/7
Katrina Devine Nika X6/17
Katrina Hobbs Lover Girl H0/5
Katrina Hobbs Glaphyra X3/3
Katrina Hobbs Marysa H1/4
Katrina Misa Amazon #3 H6/2
Katrina Misa Archer #2 H2/7
Kazuhiro Muroyama Harukata X6/21, X6/22
Keith Bracey Druid Leader H5/3
Kelly Addis Sariah H6/7
Kelly Greene Derq X1/18
Kelly Greene Guard X1/9
Kelly Greene Epius H2/12
Kelly Greene Goon #2 H5/18
Kelly Greene Phaedron Guard #2 H3/11
Kelson Henderson Democles H2/5
Kelson Henderson Kid #1 H1/5
Ken Blackburn King Menelaus X1/12
Ken Blackburn Atreus H1/2
Kenneth McGregor Akteon X1/22
Kenneth McGregor Gorgas H2/3
Kenneth Prebble Old Man X1/21
Kenneth Prebble Priest H2/18
Kenneth Prebble Rodanna H4/9
Kerry Gallagher Lianna H4/1
Kerry Gallagher Amalthea H0/3
Kerynn Walsh Villager H6/1
Kevin Alexander Punk X4/18
Kevin Alexander Soldier #2 H4/5
Kevin Atkinson Cheiron H0/3
Kevin J. Wilson Xerxes X1/11
Kevin Smith Ares X1/6, X1/20, X2/7, X2/8, X2/10, X3/1, X3/3, X3/4, X3/10, X3/12, X3/17, X3/21, X3/22, X4/22, X5/2, X5/3, X5/9, X5/12, X5/13, X5/14, X5/19, X5/20, X5/21, X6/1, X6/10, X6/12, X6/13, X6/14, X6/20, H3/13, H3/14, H3/15, H3/19, H4/5, H4/6, H4/10, H4/13, H4/14, H4/15, H4/16, H4/17, H4/22, H5/9, H5/11, H5/13, H5/20, H5/22, H6/8
Kevin Smith Ares/God of Love H4/5
Kevin Smith Ares/Jerry Patrick Brown, head writer H4/15, H5/9
Kevin Smith Iphicles/Hercules H2/3
Kevin Smith Iphicles H2/3, H2/21, H3/12, H4/19
Kevin Sorbo Hercules X1/8, X5/12
Kevin Sorbo Hercules / The Sovereign H4/5, H4/13, H4/14, H5/13
Kevin Sorbo Kevin Sorbo/Hercules H5/9
Kevin Sorbo Robert H3/17
Kieren Hutchison Talus X1/9
Kim Michalis Young Alcmene H0/1
Kim Michalis Daughter #2 H0/3
Kim Michalis Natassa X6/17
Kim Michalis Leah H2/12, H2/21
Kim Michalis Scilla H1/2
Kim Michalis Young Alcmene H4/13, H4/14, H4/20
Kim Raynes Cocktail Waitress H4/15
Kimberley Joseph Nemesis H4/6, H6/8
Kingi Gilbert Xenon Guard #1 H3/11
Kirk Torrance Demetrius X6/10
Kirstie O'Sullivan Gwyn-Teir X6/14, X6/15
Kirstie O'Sullivan Ophelia X1/4
Kirstie O'Sullivan Woman X2/13
Kirstie O'Sullivan Loralei H3/9
Kristin Darragh Lucina H0/1
Kurt Holsted Young Xerxos H6/1
Kym Krystaly Bacchae #1 X2/4
Kyrin Hall Felicita H1/10
Lacey Kohl Cupcake H4/12, H4/18
Lana Garland Young Woman X3/17
Lance Cheshire Half Starved Man X2/5
Lance Cheshire Old Man H5/14
Lance Dunne Pompey Messenger/Spy X4/5
Lance Phillips Rigis H2/23
Larry Keating Warlord X3/8
Latham Gaines Mineus X1/15
Latham Gaines Rich Guy X5/10
Latham Gaines Zarat X6/19
Latham Gaines Captain H3/9
Lathan Gaines Marcus H2/14
Lathan Gains Kastor X1/4
Laurie Dee Tavern Keeper X4/7
Laurie Dee Machus H3/18
Lawrence Makoare Barbarian Leader X3/10
Lawrence Makoare Maecenus X3/18
Lawrence Wharerau Thug #1 H0/5
Lawrence Wharerau Barfly #2 X2/6
Lawrence Wharerau Klonig X1/14
Lawrence Wharerau Mystic Warrior X1/3
Lawrence Wharerau Soldier #2 H1/12
Lawrence Wharerau Vytos H3/5
Leah Mizrahi Clotho X6/18, X6/20
Lee-Jane Foreman Villager #2 H0/2
Lee-Jane Foreman Arleia X2/7, X5/1, H4/14
Lee-Jane Foreman Lyna H3/21
Lee-Jane Foreman Servant H2/18
Leonard Twins Baby Kora H0/3
Les Dwight Elvis Hercules H4/15
Les Dwight Masher H4/13
Les Dwight Soldier #1 H3/18
Leslie Wing Karas X1/9, H2/11
Letitia Bridges Daughter #3 H0/3
Lewis Martin Mortis H1/11
Lewis Martin Priest H2/3
Lex Matheson King Lineus H5/22
Li-Ming Hu Amazon X6/14
Liam McFarland Cool Hercules H4/15
Liam Vincent Connor H5/5
Liam Vincent Fishmonger H4/19
Liam Vincent Little Titus H2/22
Liddy Holloway Alcmene H2/3, H2/7, H2/21, H3/5, H3/12, H4/10, H4/13, H4/16, H4/20, H4/22
Lilian Enting Old Woman H2/20
Linda Jones Hecuba X1/1
Linda McFetridge Amazon Volunteer X6/15
Lindsey Ginter Cassus H3/21
Lionel Wickliffe Teenager H5/20
Lisa Ann Hadley Princess Niobe H2/19
Lisa Ann Hadley Queen Niobe H3/11
Lisa Chappell Dirce H2/1, H2/21, H4/10
Lisa Chappell Lydia H1/7
Lisa Chappell Melissa Blake, Tapert's assistant H4/15, H5/9
Lisa Chappell Melissa H3/20
Lisa Chappell Daughter #1 H0/3
Lisa Crittenden Hecuba X4/3
Liseli Mutti Seductress #2 H0/4
Lloyd Scott Pithus H0/1
Lohsing Cheng Peasant X5/7
Loren Horsley Sieglinda X6/9
Loren Horsley Valkyrie #1 X6/13
Lori Dungey Kellos X1/13
Lori Dungey Fortune H4/2
Lori Dungey Woman H3/20
Luanne Gordon Grinhilda X6/7, X6/8, X6/9, X6/13
Lucas Young Bearded Guard X2/9
Lucy Briant Roxanne Fields X6/20
Lucy Lawless Lysia H0/1
Lucy Lawless Alecto X6/1
Lucy Lawless Annie Day X4/22, X6/20
Lucy Lawless Callisto X2/7
Lucy Lawless Diana X1/15, X2/6
Lucy Lawless Harmonia X4/12
Lucy Lawless Leah X3/9
Lucy Lawless Meg X2/6, X3/9, X4/10, X5/19, X5/20, X6/20
Lucy Lawless Melinda (Mel) Pappas X2/10
Lucy Lawless Pelia X4/12
Lucy Lawless Stepmother X4/12
Lucy Lawless Tyrella X4/12
Lucy Lawless Lyla H1/6, H2/5
Lucy Lawless Xena H1/9, H1/12, H1/13, H3/15, H4/5, H4/14
Lucy Liu Oi-Lan H1/8
Lucy Thomas Second Rhein Maiden X6/7, X6/9
Lulu Alach Clemitus H3/11
Lulu Alach Delia H2/22
Lutz Halbhubner Ghoul #2 X6/2
Lutz Halbhubner Tarkis X1/20
Lyndon Hendrikse Sentry/Soldier X4/9
Maaka Pirate #2 H4/4
Mac Jeffery Ong Kenji X6/21, X6/22
Macgregor Cameron Balius X3/9
Madeleine Sami Tyro X6/15
Maggie Tarver Village Mother H0/1
Maggie Tarver Motherly Fighter H0/2
Maggie Tarver Hermia X1/11
Maggie Tarver Villager #1 X1/7
Maggie Tarver Hesame H1/3
Maggie Tarver Rena H4/3
Mandie Gillette Ileandra X2/16
Mandy Gillette Melina H2/24
Mandy McMullen Refugee H4/7
Mandy McMullin Adiah X4/11
Marama Jackson First Rhein Maiden X6/7, X6/9
Marama Jackson Aurora H3/16
Marama Jackson Lucenne H4/7
Marcel Kalma Sadus X2/8
Marcel Kalma Hargus H3/20
Marcel Kalma One-Legged Man H4/14
Marcel Kalma Thug #2 H5/16
Marcel Karma Vampire H6/4
Marcia Cameron Myrra H2/23
Marcus Brown Young Ruun H4/7
Marcus Pointon Elean Soldier #1 H2/16
Marek Sumich Head Rowdy H3/19
Marek Summich Edos X3/2
Margaret Blay Woman In Court X4/7
Margaret Conquest Villager X1/18
Margaret Conquest Scribe H2/1
Margaret-Mary Hollins Megara H0/1
Margaret-Mary Hollins Madra X6/17
Margaret-Mary Hollins Admeta H1/8
Margaret-Mary Hollins Hispides H2/2
Maria Fiosetti Stout Woman H3/7
Maria Therese Rangel Lucina H2/6
Mariao Hohaia Minion X2/2
Marie Matiko K'ao Hsin X5/6, X5/7
Marie Matiko Pao Ssu X5/6, X5/7
Mario Gaoa Townsperson #3 H0/4
Mario Gaoa Quintus H1/13
Mario Gaoa Soldier #3 H1/12
Marise Wipani Maiden H0/5
Marise Wipani Kanne X6/14
Marise Wipani Janista H1/5
Mark Caldwell Gate Guard H3/2
Mark Caldwell Peasant H4/13
Mark Clare Eochaid X3/5
Mark Clare Defense Minister H6/3
Mark Clare Deros H1/12
Mark Clare Gnoxious H2/23
Mark Ferguson Dagnine X2/1, X4/9
Mark Ferguson John Smythe X2/10
Mark Ferguson Krykus X1/10, X2/2
Mark Ferguson Craesus H1/6
Mark Ferguson Prometheus H0/3
Mark Ferguson Hades H0/4
Mark Hadlow Milo X4/17
Mark Jones Messenger X2/16
Mark Newnham Anteus H0/3
Mark Newnham Ares H1/5
Mark Newnham Dahak H5/11
Mark Newnham Mummy H3/4
Mark Nua Cleon X4/17
Mark Nua Executioner H6/5
Mark Nua Mong H4/10
Mark Nua Ogre H1/11
Mark Nua Otus H2/14
Mark Nua Skoros H1/10
Mark Nua Wrestler H2/9
Mark Perrett Coachman H3/17
Mark Perry Galipan X2/20
Mark Perry Vicerius X2/12
Mark Perry Warrior #1 X1/20
Mark Perry Elopius H2/24
Mark Rafferty Alexandros H4/18
Mark Rafferty Acteon H3/20
Mark Raffety Arkel X1/17
Mark Raffety Hyperion X1/7
Mark Rounthwaite Guard X5/2
Mark Rounthwalte Guard H5/3
Mark Sinclair Fisherman H2/22
Mark Sinclair Village Man H4/14
Mark Viniello The Destroyer X4/3
Mark Warren Octavius X5/18, X5/19
Mark Webley Guard X3/17
Mark Webley Guard #1 X2/14
Mark Webley Jareyd X4/9
Mark Williams Fire Maker X6/6
Mark Wright Claxon H4/3
Marlee Shelton Iole H0/4
Martin Baynton Holidus H3/7
Martin Baynton King Stavros H4/20
Martin Howells Kryptos X4/10
Martin Kove Demetrius H2/7
Marton Csokas Borias X3/6, X3/7, X4/1, X4/2, X4/9, X6/17, X6/21, X6/22
Marton Csokas Khrafstar X3/4, X3/12
Marton Csokas Lord Belach X6/17
Marton Csokas Tarlus H2/18
Martyn Clist Diver X6/20
Martyn Sanderson King Menelaus H2/1
Martyn Sanderson Thespius H0/3
Martyn Sanderson Ancient Priest H1/4
Martyn Sanderson Thoas H1/1
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn Pandora X1/4
Mary Henderson Woman #2 X4/17
Mary Henderson Female client H2/9
Mary Wilson Novitiate #3 X4/18
Mary Woodward Altara X3/2
Matt Elliot Whimpering Flunkie H2/19
Matt Walker Teresius H4/20
Matthew Chamberlain Crassus X3/16
Matthew Chamberlain Orpheus X2/4
Matthew Chamberlain Darphus H1/12, H1/13, H4/14
Matthew Chamberlain Kamaros/Karkas H3/16
Matthew Dwyer Orcas X5/13
Matthew Humphrey Damon H2/16
Matthew Humphrey Marcus H1/6
Matthew Jeffs Gothos X1/3
Matthew Jeffs Head Guard X2/17
Matthew Jeffs Trojan Soldier #1 X1/12
Matthew Jeffs Draxus Guard #1 H2/19
Matthew Jeffs Lowlife H4/3
Matthew Sunderland Shepherd H2/18
Matthew Van Den Berg Warrior H5/10
Matty J. Ruys Dexon X3/9
Max Cryer Barker H2/2
Max Cryer Priest H2/19
Maya Dalziel Townswoman H0/5
Maya Dalziel Mother H1/6
Maya Dalziel Nasty Mother H1/8
Meg Foster Hera H4/22, H6/8, X5/12
Megan Edwards Servant H2/11
Megan Nicol Bargirl X6/10
Megan Nicol Hestian Virgin #1 X3/9
Meighan Desmond Discord X3/4, X4/19, X5/15, X5/22, H4/6, H4/9, H4/16, H4/17, H5/18, H5/20, H6/7
Meighan Desmond Sturgina X5/15
Meighan Desmond Discord/Chicken H4/17
Melinda Clarke Velasca X2/13, X2/14
Meredith Chalmers Girl H2/20
Merv Smith Head Villager X1/14
Mervyn Smith Dorus X3/14
Mervyn Smith Gar X4/13
Mervyn Smith Iagos H3/3
Mervyn Smith Lesion H4/2
Mervyn Smith Village Elder H1/13
Mervyn Whitley, Jr. Brother #2 H1/6
Meryl Main Areolis' Widow X1/6
Mfundo Morrison Armon X4/18, X5/4
Mia Koning Tura X6/14
Mia Koning Waif X1/15
Micaela Daniel Lachesis X2/2, X3/21, X3/22
Micaela Daniel Lachesis H3/15
Michael Bajko Harried Man H2/19
Michael Bajko Villager H3/8
Michael Cooper Gressius X2/7
Michael Daly Mesmer X1/3
Michael Downey Young Guy Villager X6/3
Michael Dwyer Ruffian #1 X2/13
Michael Dwyer Theodorus H1/9
Michael Dwyer Thug #2 H1/4
Michael Easther Village Elder H3/2
Michael Edward Morga X6/17
Michael Edward Marlon* AH
Michael Garnet-Holt General Gwain H5/19
Michael Hallows Tall Villager X1/22
Michael Hallows Tig X2/21
Michael Hallows Magnus H6/7
Michael Holt Draco Man #1 X2/22
Michael Howell Deputy X5/4
Michael Hurst Nigel X6/13
Michael Hurst Iolaus/Orestes H3/11
Michael Hurst Iolaus H0/1, H1/1, H1/7, H1/8, H1/9, H1/10, H1/11, H1/13, H2/1, H2/3, H2/4, H2/7, H2/10, H2/11, H2/12, H2/13, H2/14, H2/15, H2/17, H2/18, H2/19, H2/20, H2/21, H2/24, H3/3, H3/5, H3/6, H3/8, H3/9, H3/10, H3/11, H3/13, H3/14, H3/15, H3/16, H3/20, H3/21, H4/2, H4/4, H4/5, H4/6, H4/10, H4/11, H4/13, H4/14, H4/16, H4/17, H4/18, H4/19, H4/20, H4/21, H4/22, H5/1, H5/2, H5/3, H5/8, H5/10, H5/11, H5/13, H5/14, H5/17, H5/18, H5/20, H5/21, H5/22, H6/2, H6/4, H6/6, H6/7, H6/8, X1/8, X2/13
Michael Hurst Jean-Pierre H3/17
Michael Hurst Paul Robert Coyle, writer H4/15, H5/9
Michael Hurst Aelus H0/4
Michael Hurst Iolaus H0/5
Michael Hurst Charon H0/4, H2/8, H2/11, X1/16
Michael Keir-Morrisey King Melkos H2/15
Michael Kupenga Andros X4/6
Michael Langley Theon X5/19, X5/20
Michael Lawrence Cortese X1/23
Michael Mizrahi Metion H0/4
Michael Mizrahi Castor H1/2
Michael Philips Magistrate H6/1
Michael Robinson Lieutenant H2/18
Michael Saccente Dr. Fredrick Delaney X6/20
Michael Saccente Barnabus H4/17
Michael Saccente Grovelus H2/15
Michael Saccente Talius H2/12
Michael Wilson Opium/Echion H0/4
Michelle Ang Akemi X6/21, X6/22
Michelle Armstrong Young Woman X1/16
Michelle Blanchard Mawu-ka X6/14, X6/15, X6/17
Michelle Huirama Banshee #1 X3/5
Michelle Huirama Tesa X1/15
Michelle Langstone Lana X6/4
Michelle Leuthart Ria H5/20
Mick Rose Lycus H1/1
Mick Rose Oedipus H6/3
Mick Rose Hector H0/1
Mike Bajko Nazar H5/4
Mike Bajko Turgeus H4/10
Mike Howell Guard #1 X2/9
Mike Howell Head Guard H3/19
Mike Howell Jargos H4/10
Mike Howell Pelops H3/7
Milan Borich Traveler H2/10
Min Windle Young Woman H3/11
Miriama Smith Shiana X5/18
Monica McSwain Olan* X5/16, AH
Monique Joel Woman Demon Convert H5/10
Monroe Reimers Vikram X4/14
Morgan Palmer Hubbard Argolis X1/2
Morgan Palmer-Hubbard Boy #1 H2/16
Morgan Reese Fairhead Cyane X6/14, X6/15
Morgan Reese Fairhead Eris X5/16, X5/17
Mukhtar Ali Ravi X4/14
Murray Dahm Guard H5/10
Murray Keanan Hermes H4/16
Murray Keane Hower X2/15
Murray Keane Tiber H0/1
Musetta Vander Ilainus X5/14
Nancy Broadbent Areliesa X1/20
Nancy Howie Girl #1 X4/3
Nancy Schroder Head Sister H1/2, H2/21
Narelle Swenson Little Girl / Hera H4/11
Natalie Dennis Clysemene X4/7
Natalie Dennis Judy* AH
Natalie Duggan Ravenica X4/19
Natalie Duggan Tira X5/13
Natalie Scarr Leola H4/9
Natalya Humphrey Photis X1/21
Nathaniel Lees Blue Priest H0/2
Nathaniel Lees Manus X1/3
Nathaniel Lees Nicklio X2/12
Nathaniel Lees Cyrus H1/8
Nathaniel Lees Blue Priest H2/21
Nathaniel Lees Cheiron H4/3
Nathaniel Lees Emissary H1/12
Neil Holt Merkus H2/5
Neill Duncan Perion X3/2
Neill Duncan Sordis H3/1
Neill Rea Arthur H5/19
Nell Weatherly Hag/Girl H0/3
Nerida Nichols Chambermaid X3/8
Nicholas Baker Dardo H5/14
Nicholas Baker Kid #1 H5/17
Nicholas Clark Dying Acolyte X4/18
Nic Fay Runner from Gryphon H0/4
Nic Fay Andius H0/5
Nick Clark Kid #2 H1/5
Nick Kemplen Village Heckler H0/1
Nick Kemplen Phiddipides X3/13
Nick Kokotakis Darius X1/2
Nicko Vella Orphan #3 X2/9
Nicko Vella Solan X5/12
Nicko Vella Mabon H5/3, H5/5, H5/6, H5/8
Nicko Vella Macareus H3/8
Nicky Mealings Seductress #1 H0/4
Nicky Mealings She-Demon H1/1
Nicola Brown Banshee #2 X3/5
Nicola Cliff Jana X1/5
Nicola Vuleta Blonde #1 H5/4
Nicole Whippy Chilapa X4/20
Nigel Corbett Gnossus H2/15
Nigel Godfrey Tynus X1/2
Nigel Godfrey Syrus H2/15
Nigel Harbrow Basculis X2/21
Nigel Harbrow Koulos X1/11
Nigel Harbrow Patrol Centurion X4/5
Nigel Harbrow Turkos H1/10
Nina Sosanya Chilla H0/1
Nira Bottinga Woman X4/15
Noel Coutts Gasgar X6/10
Noel Trevarthen King Midas H2/2
Noel Trevarthen King Iphicles H1/4
Norman Fairley Lord Lycost X3/2
Norman Fairley Angus H5/5
Norman Fairley Aurelius H3/22
Norman Fairley Headmaster H6/4
Norman Forsey Casca X3/2
Norman Forsey Dempar X6/10
Norman Forsey King Lias X1/15, X2/6
Norman Forsey Mogus X4/10
Norman Forsey Tiresias H1/3, H1/4
Norman Forsey Old Merlin H5/19
Norman Forsey Tersius H2/5
Norman Palacio Grocer H2/16
Norman Potts Gang Member X5/4
Norman Potts Guard X4/9
Olaf John Leader X5/10
Olivia Tennet Alesia X4/12
Onno Boelee Gargan the Giant H0/2
Owain Pennington Older Boy H3/1
Owen Black Korah X6/5
Owen Black Parenthesis H2/24
Paige Moss Antigone H6/3
Paolo Rotondo Philius X1/7
Paris Jefferson Athena X5/14, X5/19, X5/22
Patricia Donovan Old Woman X1/22, X2/8
Patrick Brunton Stallonus X1/13
Patrick Brunton Satyr #1 H3/7
Patrick Fabian Rafe X3/15
Patrick Iwobi Magi #1 X5/13
Patrick Kake Hercules / Sovereign Double H4/13, H4/14
Patrick Kake Hercules Double H1/3, H1/4, H1/11
Patrick Kake Linc H6/5
Patrick Khutze Belart X1/17
Patrick Kuhtze Brit Guard X3/4
Patrick Kuhtze Corrections Officer X6/16
Patrick Kuhtze Other Guard X2/17
Patrick Kuhtze Delivery Man H3/4
Patrick Morrison Cold Child #2 H0/3
Patrick Morrison Lykus X1/2
Patrick Smith Dolas X1/3
Patrick Smith Glauce X1/15
Patrick Smith Healer X4/7
Patrick Smith Charidon H2/4
Patrick Smith King Georgas H4/18
Patrick Smith Trancas H4/2
Patrick Wilson Cyclops X1/1
Patrick Wilson Lysaka H5/21
Patrick Wilson Chief Monk H0/2
Patrick Wilson Big Titus H2/22
Patrick Wilson Captain Gerrard H3/17
Patrick Wilson Estragon H1/9
Patrick Wilson Evil Warlord H4/15
Patrick Wilson Pilgrim #1 H1/1
Paul Appleby Pretor H5/12
Paul Brennan Nidhogg H4/1
Paul Gittins Kaleipus X2/1, X4/9
Paul Gittins Lonius H3/8
Paul Gittins Thanis H2/20
Paul Gittins Frank* AH
Paul Glover Menticles X2/20
Paul Glover Senetus X5/21
Paul Glover Brontus H2/16
Paul Glover Danaeus H5/2
Paul Glover Josephus H2/3
Paul Glover Roberto Orci H4/15
Paul McIver Aeson H0/4, H0/5, H2/8, H3/14
Paul McLaren Miner X4/9
Paul McLaren POW Leader X1/24
Paul McLaren Streptus X1/9
Paul Minifie Innkeeper X1/4
Paul Minifie Trachis H2/12
Paul Norell Gillis X6/16
Paul Norell Peddler X3/10
Paul Norell Statius X1/8
Paul Norell Street Vendor X1/4
Paul Norell Croissant H3/17
Paul Norell Falafel H2/14, H2/16, H2/18, H2/21, H3/2, H3/12, H3/19, H5/4, H5/14, H5/22, X5/10
Paul Norell Falafel II H5/13
Paul Paice Captain of the Guards H4/20
Paul Paice Villager #2 H5/3
Paul Robinson Cantankerous Gent H3/7
Paul Willis Advisor #1 X5/18
Paul Willis Atyminius X1/16
Paul Willis Ormestin X4/10
Paul Willis Marcus H3/1
Paula Keenan Drunken Woman H2/13
Peta Rutter Tara* AH
Peter Daube Petracles X1/14
Peter Daube Spiros H1/12
Peter Feeney Caswallawn X3/5
Peter Feeney Tharon X5/8
Peter Feeney Castor H2/14
Peter Feeney The Other Autolycus H3/19
Peter Ford Artillery Man X4/5
Peter Ford Trojan Soldier #2 X1/12
Peter Ford Villager #1 X3/3
Peter Ford Zealot Guard X1/19
Peter Ford Boron H3/11
Peter Grahame Kieran H5/3
Peter Malloch Titus H1/5
Peter Malloch Young Hercules H0/1
Peter Mason Billius X3/10
Peter Mason Drunk X4/10
Peter Mason Shopkeeper X3/6
Peter Mason Drunk Slob H5/15
Peter Mason Proprietor H2/7
Peter McCauley Talmadeus X1/21
Peter McCauley Ajax H4/19
Peter McCauley Gekkus H4/12
Peter McCauley Odin H5/6, H5/7
Peter Morgan Townsperson #2 H0/4
Peter Morgan Barkeep X1/7
Peter Morgan Spiro H2/21
Peter Muller Dustinus Hoofmanus X4/17
Peter Muller Lars X6/17
Peter Muller Deric H1/6, H2/5, H2/21
Peter Muller Fallen soldier H1/5
Peter Needham Village Elder X1/23
Peter Needham Plato H2/17
Peter Phillips 1st Xena Warrior X1/3
Peter Rowley Auctioneer's Sidekick H0/2
Peter Rowley Charon X6/13
Peter Rowley Milos X5/9
Peter Rowley Comic H2/2
Peter Rowley Ephadon H1/3
Peter Rowley Guard H2/1
Peter Sa'ena-Brown Tazor X5/13
Peter Sa'ena-Brown Tmoulus H1/8
Peter Saena-Brown Soldier #1 X1/5
Peter Tait Daylon X2/1
Peter Vere-Jones King Silvus X2/9
Peter Vere-Jones Zeus H3/15
Phaedra Seductress #3 H0/4
Phaedra Hurst Teresia X1/6
Phaedra Hurst Leandra H3/10
Phaedra Hurst Slave Girl H3/20
Phil Adams Centaur X3/11
Phil Grieve Helios H6/8
Philip Gillis Innkeeper H0/3
Philip Jones Trayas H3/1
Philip Spencer-Harris Roman Captain X6/5
Phillip Jones Wounded Athenian X2/20
Pio Terei Sestus H0/4
Pio Terei Innkeeper H0/5
Phoebe Falconer Waifish Aphrodite H5/15
Polly Baigent Doppelganger X1/3
Polly Baigent Paulina X4/17
Polly Baigent Polly X6/16
Polly Baigent Xena/Leah/Meg Body Double X3/9
Portia Dawson Jana H1/3
Puck Willis Kid #1 X2/5
Rachale Davies Aria X2/16
Rachale Davies Bordello Girl #3 X3/9
Rachel Ackerley Evander H4/6
Rachel Blakely Penelope X2/19
Rachel Gilchrist Lead Archer X5/19
Rachel Hayward Amazon X5/5
Radhika Rani Young Girl X4/15
Raechel Murgatroyd Young Althea H4/8
Rafe Battiste Darius H6/4
Rainer Grant Melanippe H3/18
Rajiv Varma Krishna X4/16
Rajneel Singh Indrajit X4/16
Rakai Karaitiana Horde Warrior X4/11
Ralph Mauro Quakkus H4/16
Ranald Hendricks Cleitus H3/11
Ranald Hendricks Epicurus H2/11
Ranald Hendriks Elysha X2/17
Ranald Hendriks Munk X3/10
Ranald Hendriks Momus H4/21
Rawiri Paratene Tazere X6/5
Ray Bishop Centaur #2 H2/23
Ray Bishop Rankus H1/10
Ray Henwood Sisyphus X1/9
Ray Henwood Sisyphus H2/11
Ray Sefo Alee H2/2
Ray Woolf Marmax X1/24
Ray Woolf Bledar H2/4
Ray Woolf Chief Executioner H1/2
Ray Woolfe Eteocles H4/20
Reb Brown Jarton/Ares H1/11
Rebecca Clark Archer #1 H2/7
Rebecca Clark Head Archer H3/6
Rebecca Clark Syreena H1/9
Rebecca Hobbs Elora H2/4
Rebecca Hobbs Katrina H3/2
Rebecca Hobbs Woman #1 H1/5
Rebecca Kopacka Clotho X2/2, H3/15
Rebecca Kopacka Young Callisto X2/12, H4/14
Rebecca McKinnon Slave Girl X2/12
Rebecca Richards Woman H5/18
Rebekah Davies Hermia X3/2
Rebekah Mercer Terreis X1/10
Rebekah Mercer Woman #2 H1/5
Reece Rodewyk Xenan H4/7, X3/11
Renato Bartolomei Beowulf X6/7, X6/8, X6/9, X6/13
Rene Naufahu Adamis H3/10
Renee Brennan Druid of Faith H5/3, H5/8
Renee O'Connor Deianeira H0/2
Renee O'Connor Crustacea X5/15
Renee O'Connor Fairy Godssister X4/12
Renee O'Connor Hope X3/21, X3/22, X4/3
Renee O'Connor Janice Covington X2/10
Renee O'Connor Mattie X4/22, X6/10
Renee O'Connor Princess X4/12
Renee O'Connor Tataka X4/14
Renee O'Connor Tisiphone X6/1
Renee O'Connor Tyrella X4/12
Renee O'Connor Gabrielle H3/15, H4/14
Renee O'Connor Sunny Day, camp counselor H5/9
Renee O'Connor The Executioner H4/5
Renee Raudman Galea H4/10
Renee Schuda Young Xena X3/18
Reuben Purchase Keeper X3/1
Reza Nijad Local X2/10
Rhonda McHardy Artemis H2/17
Ric Chan Healer X5/4
Ric Chan Jiu X3/7
Ric Chan Master Swordsman X6/21
Ric Chan Monk H3/20
Richard Adams Warrior X2/1
Richard Adams Argeas H2/4
Richard Foulkes Jr. Lycus X1/14
Richard Moll Cyclops H1/2
Richard Thompson Soldier #2 X6/17
Richard Vette Acton H1/11
Rietta Austin Woman #1 X4/17
Riqi Harawira Guard X3/16
Rob Ipsen Man H5/18
Rob Nathan 1st Ruffian H3/10
Rob Sinkinson Bystander/Drunk X3/9
Robert Boniface Father H4/10
Robert Boniface Straggler H3/2
Robert Harte Goewin X3/5
Robert Harte Maphias X2/2
Robert Harte Ugly Ruffian X1/2
Robert Harte Dax H2/4
Robert Horwood Lexus H4/2
Robert Horwood Vericles H2/15
Robert Lee Guy H3/17
Robert McMullen Croupier/Dealer X3/15
Robert McMullen Locus H2/23
Robert Pollock Minos H2/19
Robert Pollock Villager H1/13
Robert Tapert Robert Tapert X2/10
Robert Trebor Waylin H0/2
Robert Trebor Marco X4/22
Robert Trebor B.S. Hollingfoffer, studio head H4/15, H5/9
Robert Trebor Francois de Marigny H3/17
Robert Trebor Salmoneus H1/2, H1/6, H1/12, H1/13, H2/2, H2/5, H2/6, H2/9, H2/16, H2/21, H2/22, H2/23, H3/4, H3/7, H3/16, H3/18, H4/9, H4/12, H5/4, X1/11, X1/21, X2/11
Robin Kora Village Elder X1/20
Robin Kora High Priest H6/6
Robin Kora Pepius H1/8
Robyn Duncan Livia H5/10
Rodney Cook Spearman X4/21
Rodney Cook Farmer H5/13
Rodney Cooke Man #1 X3/2
Rodney Cooke Mean Soldier H3/10
Rodney Cooke Passerby H4/13
Rodney Dunning Lieutenant H3/13
Roger Goodburn Promoter H2/9
Roger Morrissey Monster Grinhilda X6/8, X6/9
Roger Oakley King Xenon H3/11
Roi Taimana Bounty Hunter #2 X6/17
Roma Downey Hippolyta H0/1
Ron Lal Bodyguard #2 X4/14
Ron Smith Galen X1/24
Ronald Fryer Old Man X3/5
Ronald La Pread Priest H5/2
Rose Dube Leuriphone H2/5
Rose Glucina Althea H0/4
Rose McIver Daphne X5/8
Rose McIver Xena X5/8
Rose McIver Girl (Hydra) H0/1
Rose McIver Ilea H0/4, H0/5, H2/8, H3/14
Rose Schicker Evander H4/6
Ross Brannigan Villager #1 X5/9
Ross Brannigan Curteus H4/9
Ross Campbell Dingus H4/2
Ross Campbell Lout H3/6
Ross Campbell Soldier #1 H1/12
Ross Campbell Thug in Bar H2/1
Ross Duncan Lagot X6/19
Ross Duncan Parnassus X1/11
Ross Duncan Imuru H5/1
Ross Duncan Pallaeus H2/3
Ross Duncan Spiro H4/2
Ross Harper Polinios X1/6
Ross Harper Demitrius H3/22
Ross Harper Driver H2/21
Ross Harper Man #2 H2/13
Ross Jolly King Barus X2/16
Ross McKellar Gordius H3/20
Ross McKellar Linus H2/19, H3/11
Roy Bonnell Frailus H4/5
Roy Dotrice Zeus H4/20, H4/21, H4/22
Roy Snow Athenian Captain X3/3
Roy Snow Dach X4/8
Roydon Muir Agrilius X4/5
Roydon Muir Kastor X1/1
Rupert Cocks Baldur H5/6, H5/7
Rupert Simmonds Flipper X5/15
Russell Dixon Astrovo H5/14
Russell Gowers Demophon X1/8
Russell Gowers Disciple #2 X3/22
Russell Gowers Pirate #1 H4/4
Russell Raethel Guard #3 X3/8
Ruth Morrison Sarita X1/2
Ruth Morrison Serena's Child H3/19
Ryan Gosling Zylus H5/17
Ryan Lewell Icarus H3/2
Sabine Karsenti Sera H2/21
Sacha Handsaker-Cath Housewife Villager X6/3
Sally Spencer-Harris Queen X4/12
Sam Holland Teen Son X1/6
Sam Jenkins Kirin H3/8
Sam Jenkins Serena/Hind H3/13, H3/14, H3/15
Sam Sorbo Sin (Serena lookalike) H6/1
Sam Sorbo (Sam Jenkins) Serena H5/21
Sam Williams Hordemaster X2/20
Sam Williams Comrade H2/17
Sam Williams Hercules Stunt Double H1/9
Samantha Adriaanse Clotho X3/21, X3/22, X5/12, X5/19
Sandy Winton Prince Morloch X6/11
Sanelle Vosloo Young Otere X4/1
Sant Ram Bodyguard #1 X4/14
Sara Ashworth Ghoul #1 X6/2
Sara Howard Woman H4/2
Sara Wiseman Amazon #1 X6/11
Sara Wiseman Young Woman X1/8
Sara Wiseman Mab H5/19
Sara Wiseman Hephates H2/15
Sarah Faris Groupie #1 H5/14
Sarah Litherland Woman in Elysian Fields H0/4
Sarah Major Galea's Daughter H4/10
Sarah Smuts-Kennedy Leandra H3/3
Sarah Smuts-Kennedy Kara H3/1, H4/10
Sarah Wilson Demeter H2/8
Sarah-Jane George Groupie #2 H5/14
Saras Govender Arminestra X4/15
Scott Freeman Little Kid H0/5
Scott Garrison Perdicas X1/12, X2/5
Scott Michaelson Apollo H4/21, H4/22
Scott Taylor Pollux X5/8
Sean Ashton-Peach Jailer X4/21
Sean Ashton-Peach Zealot #1 X1/19
Sean Grant Teenage Boy X2/22
Sean Marshall Protos H3/8
Sela Apera Marga X6/1, X6/11
Sela Brown Leda H1/3
Sela Brown Shepherdess H1/12
Selma Blair Cyane the Utma* X5/16, AH
Selwyn Sargeson Wagon Master H2/16
Shane Dawson Assistant Minotaur H2/12
Shane Dawson Warrior #1 H1/13
Sharon James-Norman Rebelette H6/3
Sharon Janes-Norman Big Amazon H6/2
Sharon Tyrrell Temple Priestess H0/3
Sheeri Rappaport Otere X4/1, X4/2
Sheikh Nabi Martyr X4/15
Shelley Edwards Cyane X5/16, X5/17
Shena Sanders Raina H5/16
Sher Booth Melana X2/9
Sheryl Stewart Lydia H4/2
Shiori Terada Miyuki X6/21, X6/22
Shiri Appleby Tara X3/14, X4/6
Shirley Eliott Gossip H4/13
Sian Davis Druid Of Innocence H5/3
Sian Hughes Young Woman X1/7
Siaosi Fonua Cullar X5/22
Siaosi Fonua Smithie #1 H6/1
Simon Cameron Villager #2 X1/7
Simon Fa'amoe Alcibiades X2/6
Simon Farthing Democritus X1/24
Simon Foley Soldier Two H3/14
Simon Gomez Emcee H5/15
Simon Gomez Suitor H3/7
Simon Gomez Temple Guard H5/14
Simon Gomez Vendor #1 H3/21
Simon Lethwaite Klonus H3/14
Simon Lewthwaite Klonus H0/4, H0/5, H2/8
Simon Prast Nemos X1/4
Simon Prast Patronius H2/21
Simon Prast Soldier #1 H2/3
Simone Kessell Miss Messini X2/11
Simone Kessell Havisha H5/16
Simone Kessell Kayla H6/2
Simone Kessell Rena H2/3, H2/21
Simone Kessell Jana H0/1
Simone Kessell Girl/Hag H0/3
Simone Kessell Worshipper H0/4
Slade Leef Caputius X2/2
Slade Leef Demon X4/16
Slade Leef Sailor X3/19
Slade Leef Sitacles X2/12
Slade Leef Xena's Proxidicae X5/12
Slade Leef Smithie #2 H6/1
Slade Leef Warrior H4/14
Smeta Chhoto Megaera X6/1
Sonia Gray Rhea X1/20
Sonia Gray Gorgeous Amazon H6/2
Sreejith Soman Villager #2 X4/14
Stacey Edgar Young Novitiate X4/18
Stan Wolfgramm Palatine of Parnassus X2/11
Stefan Broadley Musician H3/3
Stelios Yiakmis Cleon H6/3
Stephanie Barrett Phaedra H0/3
Stephanie Bertram Third Rhein Maiden X6/7, X6/9
Stephanie Liebert Antibius H5/10, H5/11
Stephanie Liebert Young Woman H4/22
Stephanie Wilkin Ayora H2/9
Stephen Butterworth Carminus X4/5, X4/20
Stephen Butterworth Small Guy X5/10
Stephen Butterworth Thanatos H4/2
Stephen Finch Sandor X5/8
Stephen Hall Minion #2 H0/4
Stephen Hall Auctioneer X6/4
Stephen Hall Captain X3/19
Stephen Hall Hector X1/1
Stephen Hall Thelonius X3/10
Stephen Hall Therax X4/17
Stephen Hall Lead Soldier H1/11
Stephen Hall Posse leader H6/5
Stephen Hall Purces H2/9
Stephen Handisides Soldier #1 X6/17
Stephen Lovatt Hades X5/12, X5/19, X5/22
Stephen Lovatt Kirilus X1/20
Stephen Lovatt Phlanagus X4/5
Stephen Lovatt Galen H6/4
Stephen Papps See'er X2/1
Stephen Papps Pylendor H1/13
Stephen Papps Teles H1/3
Stephen Papps The Darkness H5/6, H5/7
Stephen Papps Trilos H2/20
Stephen Tozer Mezentius X1/5, X2/2
Stephen Tozer Thadeus X3/19
Stephen Tozer King Diadorus H2/17
Stephen Ure Monlik X3/3
Stephen Ure Werfner X3/21, X3/22
Stephen Ure Farmer H4/10
Stephen Walker Peasant X1/18
Stephen Walker Perdix H3/2
Stephen Walker Swillus H4/9
Stephen Winn Partner #1 H4/8
Sterling Cathman Geryon H3/21
Steve Cleary Instructor X5/15
Steve Cleary Kuff H6/5
Steve Farac-Ciprian Orestes X3/1
Steve Hall Bounty Hunter #1 X6/17
Steve Hall Damon X1/18
Steve Hall Nestor H3/13
Steve Hall Warrior H2/10
Steve Isherwood Soldier #1 H5/19
Steve Matthews Olivas X4/5
Steve Matthews Villager X5/21
Steve McQuillan Viking #1 X6/9
Steve Tate Djindar #1 X6/6
Steve Wright Magistrate X4/18
Steve Wright Villager #1 X6/2
Steve Wright Head Peasant H4/17
Steve Wright Mercenary #1 H1/11
Steven Wright Scarred Man H3/8
Stig Eldred Titus X3/15
Stig Eldred Belus H1/8
Stig Eldred Maceus H2/10
Stig Eldred Gagnon H4/19
Stig Eldred Magistrate H6/7
Stuart Devenie Kernunnos H5/3, H5/5
Stuart Devenie Magistrate Asterius H4/8, H5/15
Stuart Thorp Soldier X6/15
Stuart Thorpe Burly Soldier X5/20
Stuart Thorpe Hercules' Proxidicae X5/12
Stuart Thorpe Infantry Commander X5/14
Stuart Turner Sphaerus X1/2
Stuart Turner Leutia H1/10
Summer Proben Hope (Toddler) X3/5
Susan Brady Gabrielle/Hope Acting Double X5/22
Susan Brady Lilith H5/17, H6/7
Susan Haldane Filius H4/9
Susan Ward Psyche H3/7
Susan Winter Woman X1/4
Susie Kleis Novitiate #2 X4/18
Stig Eldred Minion Leader H0/4
Syd Mannion Calchas X1/7
Syd Mannion Hera Priest H6/1
Syd Mannion Man H4/19
Sydney Jackson Rustic Innkeeper H0/4
Sydney Jackson Darthus H0/5
Sydney Jackson Storekeeper X1/3
Sydney Jackson Vidalus X2/18
Tai Hadfield Chuang X3/6, X3/7
Tai Hadfield Guard X2/6, X2/16
Tamar Howe Villager #2 H2/20
Tamara Gorski Morrigan H5/3, H5/5, H5/6, H5/8, H5/10, H5/11, H5/16, H5/19
Tamara Gorski Norma Bates H5/9
Tamara Waugh Lucina H0/1
Tamati Rice Garel X2/20
Tamati Rice Raphael X5/1, X6/2, X6/3
Tamati Rice Vercinix X3/16
Tammy Barker Gabrielle Look-alike X4/17
Tammy Barker Mattie Acting Double X4/22
Tammy Barker Penelope H5/22
Tandi Wright Sonata X6/4
Tanea Heke Ersina X4/7
Tania Anderson First Woman X1/7
Tanya Dignan Eponin X1/10
Taungaroa Emile Frankus X6/19
Taungaroa Emile Linxus H5/12
Taungaroa Emile Ximenos H1/5
Tawny Kitaen Deianeira H0/3, H0/4, H0/5, H1/1, H1/10, H2/8, H3/14
Te Paki Cherrington Gringus H1/8
Te Whatanui Skipwith Chief Elder H0/2
Ted Clarke Brother #1 (/Pelio / Pelia) X4/12
Ted Clarke Pelia X4/12
Ted Clarke Pelio X4/12
Ted Clarke Thoracles X3/9
Ted Clarke Drunk #2 H3/15
Ted Clarke Young Man H4/22
Ted Raimi Barnabus X6/18
Ted Raimi Hagar X5/15
Ted Raimi Harry X4/22, X6/20
Ted Raimi Jacques S'Er/Jack Kleinman X2/10
Ted Raimi Jett X3/8
Ted Raimi Joxer X1/22, X2/4, X2/5, X2/6, X2/7, X2/8, X2/16, X2/22, X3/2, X3/8, X3/9, X3/10, X3/12, X3/15, X3/17, X3/18, X3/22, X4/3, X4/4, X4/10, X4/12, X4/17, X4/18, X4/19, X5/1, X5/2, X5/4, X5/6, X5/7, X5/10, X5/11, X5/13, X5/15, X5/17, X5/19, X5/20, X5/21, X6/20, H3/14
Ted Raimi Joxer's Ghost X5/22
Ted Raimi Prince X4/12
Ted Raimi Prince's Messenger X4/12
Ted Raimi Ted Raimi X2/10
Ted Raimi Tyro X4/12
Ted Raimi Xena X6/20
Ted Raimi Alex Kurtzman, a writer H4/15
Ted Raimi Joxer 2 H4/5
Teresa Hill Nemesis H2/9, H2/13
Teresa Woodham Zora X1/19
Terry Batchelor Trikonis H0/5
Terry Batchelor Burly man H5/15
Terry Batchelor Mudo H1/8
Terry Batchelor Segallus H2/2
Terry Dale Elderly Merchant H5/8
Tharini Mudaliar Naiyima X4/15
Theresa Healey Celesta X5/19
Thomas Kiwi Henchman #2 X6/11
Thomas McIvor Dying Man H5/6
Thomas McIvor Recovered Warrior H5/7
Tiffany de Castro Nadia H6/4
Tim Beveridge Villager #2 X5/9
Tim Biggs Leandras H5/14
Tim Biggs Peasant H2/19
Tim Faville Barfly #1 X2/6
Tim Faville Merlin H5/19
Tim Hosking Blacksmith X1/11, X3/9
Tim Hosking Gambler H6/2
Tim Hosking Landlord H2/19
Tim Lee Ilus H0/1
Tim Marechal Captain of Guards H4/16
Tim Raby Meticles X2/19
Tim Raby Archivus H2/14, H2/21
Tim Raby Soldier H2/11
Tim Thomerson Meleager X1/18, X2/17
Timothy Balme Lycastus H0/4
Timothy Dale Boy #2 H2/16
Timothy James Adam Kalus X1/21
Timothy James Adam Soldier #1 H3/13
Timothy James Adam Soldier One H3/14
Timothy Lee Acestus X4/4
Timothy Lee Regent of Skiros X2/11
Timothy Omundson Eli X4/14, X4/16, X4/21, X5/1, X5/2, X5/9
Tina Cleary Mayem H4/7
Toby Fisher Petrodes X3/19
Toby Mills Tall Man X1/22
Todd Rippon Goliath X2/3
Todd Rippon Melus the Hood H0/2
Todd Rippon Macon X3/19
Todd Rippon Gudrun H1/4
Toi Iti Rameses H6/6
Tom Agee Styros H3/8
Tom Atkins Atrius X1/20
Tom Kane Lookout H5/1
Tom Sharplin Vendor #2 H3/21
Tomas Leary Assistant X3/20
Toni Marsh Maiden #1 H2/13
Tony Billy Largo X2/15
Tony Billy Mitoan Warrior X1/24
Tony Billy Con #1 H6/1
Tony Billy Guard H5/1
Tony Bishop Alabardus X5/10
Tony Bishop Donkey Owner X2/9
Tony Bishop Weasel X1/4
Tony Bishop Druid Of Tolerance H5/3, H5/8
Tony Bishop Field Hand H4/17
Tony Blackett Arbus X2/17
Tony Blackett Ceridian H2/23
Tony Forster Solemnus X5/11
Tony Forster Captain H6/6
Tony Forster Man H5/22
Tony Hopkins Agenor H5/2, H5/8
Tony MacIver Tiros H6/3
Tony Todd Cecrops X2/21
Tony Todd Gilgamesh H5/1
Tony Todd Gladius H1/10
Tony Ward Fishmonger X2/8
Tony Ward Perius H3/21
Tony Williams Warrior #2 X1/20
Tony Williams Farmer H2/19
Tony Wood Xelifus X4/20
Tony Wood Bluth H3/6
Tony Wood Elusius H2/11
Traci Elizabeth Lords Luscious Deluxe H6/5
Tracy Lindsey Flaxen H2/2
Travor Sai-Louie Kao X6/21, X6/22
Tsianina Joelson Varia X6/1, X6/11, X6/14, X6/15
Tyler Read Deirimus X4/5
Tyler Read Child H5/1
Vadim Ledogorov Blacksmith H5/7
Vanesa Valentine Mountain Maiden H3/8
Vanesa Valentine Wench H3/6
Vanessa Guy Priestess H5/16
Vanessa Guy Teenage Girl #1 H4/11
Vanessa Kelly Townsperson #3 X5/10
Vanessa Mateja Virgin #1 X2/22
Vanessa Rare Young Woman H1/12
Venant Wong Morimoto X6/21, X6/22
Vernon King Wall Ghoul H0/4
Veronica Akhurst Villager #2 H2/6
Vicky Burrett Old Amazon Woman H0/1
Vicky Burrett Haggard Woman H0/4
Vicky Burrett Old Woman H2/1, H2/17
Vicky Haughton Old Lady X4/6
Vicky Haughton Woman X5/21
Vicky Pratt Cyane X4/1, X4/2
Vicky Rodewyk Child H4/22
Vicky Rodewyk Marcenea's Daughter H4/10
Victor Raider Woolus H4/16
Victor Rodger Vet #1 H4/19
Victoria Hill Waltraute X6/8, X6/9
Vikki Cottingham Barmaid X3/15
Wade Jackson Wayan X3/14
Wade Jackson Darsus H4/18
Wade Jackson Eric H5/6, H5/7
Wade Taylor Castor X5/8
Wally Green Elderly Driver X1/18
Wally Green Old Man X1/1
Walter Brown Phaedron H3/11
Wanjiku Kiarie Old Woman H5/2
Warren Carl Pariu X1/12
Warren Carl Pentheus H1/4
Warren Carl Lover Boy H0/5
Warren Carl Kazon H4/19
Watchman Rivers Cirvik X4/11
Watchman Rivers Guard H6/6
Wayne England Wounded Man X1/9
Wayne England Soldier #2 H5/19
Wayne Peters Severed Head X6/2
Wayne Peters Albion H5/19
Wayne Peters Rude Pilgrim H3/6
Will Hinchcliff Lyceus H6/3
Will Kempe Archias H2/19
Willa O'Neill Lila X1/1, X1/18, X3/12, X4/3, X4/19, X6/4
Willa O'Neill Althea H4/8, H5/15
Willa O'Neill Phoebe H2/14, H2/21
William Davis Kaelus X4/17
William Davis Malik X1/23
William Davis Head Guard H4/5
William Davis Skirner H3/22
William Gregory Lee Virgil X5/20, X5/21, X5/22, X6/3, X6/4, X6/6
William Kircher Captain X4/7
William Kwan Soldier X3/6
William Kwan Vendor X5/6
William Lose Tavern Owner H2/22
William Smith Paradas H5/12
William Wallace Young Soldier X6/14
Willie Patterson Priest X6/12
Willy De Wit Zagreas X2/15
Willy De Wit Hirtius H5/5
Willy DeWit Eric Gruendeman H4/15
Wimal Wickramasuriya Suhleema X4/15
Winston Harris Boy X1/1
Winston Harris Young Jaris H4/3
Xavier Schroder Academic X6/20
Yvonne Lawley Peasant Woman H0/3
Yvonne Lawley Old Woman in Market H0/4
Yvonne Lawley Gryphia X4/10
Yvonne Lawley Alyssa H4/1
Yvonne Lawley Norn H5/6, H5/7
Yvonne Tan Ayako X6/21, X6/22
Zen Player Draco Man #2 X2/22
Zo Hartley Peasant #1 H0/3
Zo Hartley Mother H4/17, H5/1
Zo Hartley Patron H2/4
Zo Hartley Tenant H2/19

NOTE: Amazon High was made as a pilot for a series that was never proceeded with. Amazon High actors have been listed here, and their characters are asterisked(*). Many (but not all) of their characters appeared in the segments that were incorporated in the Xena episode Lifeblood (X5/16), and some of them were credited in that episode. Where they were credited in Amazon High but not Lifeblood, their character names are in italics.

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