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'Hercules' actors

This is the list of all actors credited on screen in episodes of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. It's as accurate as I can make it. It includes the 'Hercules' tele-movies.

The list is alphabetical, by the actor's first name. Why? Because the on-screen titles list first names first and that's how I transcribed them.

Where an actor received 'star' or 'guest star' credits in one or more episodes, their name is listed in bold type.

An episode number of 'H0/n' refers to the 'Action Pack' tele-movies.

Actor Character Episode number(s)
Aaron Devitt Drayus H5/16
Abbey-May Mortimer Waitress H6/5
Adam Jackson Male Villager H3/3
Adrian Keeling Man #1 H2/13
Al Chalk Prologue Narrator H0/4
Al Chalk Voice of Minotaur H0/5
Al Chalk Prologue Narrator H0/5
Al Chalk Voice of Ares H1/5
Alan de Malmanche Phineus H3/4
Alan de Malmanche Servant H4/11
Alan Farquhar Vendor H4/16
Alan Farquhar Villager #1 H2/20
Alana Fletcher Young Siri H4/7
Albert Belz Tabor H5/17
Albert Belz Minteus H3/18
Albert Heimuli Soldier #1 H4/5
Albert Svord Dealer H6/2
Alex Moffat Beckerus H4/14
Alex Moffat Niall H5/5
Alex Moffat Silicles H3/18
Alex Beasley Marathon Messenger #1 H0/2
Alexander Gandar Telemon H0/3
Alexander Gandar Gyger H3/10
Alexander Gandar Zacharias H2/2
Alexandra Tydings Aphrodite H2/17, H3/3, H3/7, H3/18, H4/5, H5/18, H5/21, H6/2
Alexandra Tydings Katherine H4/17
Alison Bruce Postera H1/10
Alison Quigan Oracle H5/16
Alistair Browning Bronagh H5/3, H5/5, H5/8
Alistair Browning Meniskos H4/6
Alistair Douglas Proprietor H2/18
Alister Babbage Farmer H3/6
Alister Babbage Vendor H4/12
Allen O'Halloran Upperclassman #3 H5/17
Amanda Lister Athena H2/17
Amanda Rees Marpessa H5/16
Amanda Rees Matron #1 H4/5
Amanda Rees Mina H2/12
Amber Cunliffe Marcenea H4/10
Amber Sainsbury Amazon #1 H6/2
Amber Sainsbury Princess H4/5
Amber Sainsbury Regina H3/16
Amber-Jane Raab Poena H1/11
Amber Jane Raab Townsperson #1 H0/4
Amy Morrison Cold Child #1 H0/3
Amy Morrison Hope H4/13, H4/14
Andrea Bruce Teacher H5/19
Andrea Croton Persephone H2/8, H3/5
Andrea Kelland Factory Worker H5/15
Andrew Binns Marcus H5/20
Andrew Eggleton Upperclassman #2 H5/17
Andrew Glover Cryer H5/4
Andrew Glover Farmer H4/9
Andrew Glover Illegibus H3/11
Andrew Glover Thief H5/6
Andrew Glover Snr. Crowd Member H0/5
Andrew Jolly Travoltus H4/8
Andrew Kovacevich Berserk man in Inn H0/4
Andrew Kovacevich Bystander H3/16
Andrew Kovacevich Oceanus H6/8
Andrew Kovacevich Odeon H1/3
Andrew Kovacevich Proprietor H2/13
Andrew Kovacevich Sepsus H2/5
Andrew Thurtell Kurion H0/1
Andrew Thurtill Danion H0/5
Andy Anderson Zandar H2/9
Angela Dotchin Nautica H5/18, H5/21
Angela Franklin Mother H4/22
Angela Gribben Daphne H2/11
Angela Shirley Princess Hippolyta H4/18
Anita Marshall Villager H4/10
Ann Baxter Old Woman H5/6, H5/7
Anthony Jones Centurion H5/5
Anthony Quinn Zeus H0/1, H0/2, H0/3, H0/4, H0/5
Anthony Ray Parker Minotaur H0/5
Anthony Ray Parker Ipicles H1/12
Anthony Ray Parker Minotaur H2/12
Anthony Ray Parker Valerus H2/14
Anthony Taylor Village Elder H4/9
Anton Bentley Lead Sentry H2/12
Antonio Te Maioha Dumuzi H5/2
Antonio Te Maioha Boraxis/Ajax Right Hand Soldier H4/19
Antony Martin Antioch Man H4/18
Arch Goodfellow Lout H1/2
Arch Goodfellow Old Man H3/8
Arch Goodfellow Pyturis H1/4
Arthur Ranford Tidus H4/3
Asa Lindh Lady of the Lake H5/19
Asa Lindh Maiden #2 H2/13
Ashleigh Howard Child H6/3
Ashley Laurence Daniella H2/20
Audie England Rheanna H2/15
B.J. Johns Ugly on Bridge H1/7
Barry Duffield Kazankis H4/10
Barry Duffield Pirate H5/1
Barry Hill King Ilus H0/2
Barry Spring Zeno H4/2
Barry Te Hira Guard H3/8
Barry Te Hira Leader H2/11
Belinda Todd Priestess H2/14
Belinda Waymouth Celesta H4/3
Ben Brown Villager H5/20
Ben Cooke Goon #1 H6/2
Ben Cooke Upperclassman #4 H5/17
Ben Crowder Tough Elean H2/16
Ben Eastwood Spotter H2/16
Ben Reed Thor H5/6, H5/7
Benedicta Joseph Brigid H5/5, H5/6, H5/8
Benjamin Banse Villager H4/11
Bernard Moody Drunk H4/13
Bernard Moody Elderly Man H2/3
Bernard Moody Messenger H3/6
Bernard Moody Old Drunk H1/4
Bernard Moody Proprietor H2/10
Bert Keiller Agitator H3/14
Beryl te Wiata Old Psyche H3/7
Bill Borlase Villager H1/9
Bill Florian Head Guard H6/1
Bill Johnson Petrakis H1/9
Bill Johnson Veklos H3/15
Bill Thomas Healer H5/6
Bill Urale Henchman #1 H3/3
Billy Wagstaff Beggar H5/15
Bob Johnson Barkeep H6/5
Brad Carpenter Amphion H2/12, H2/21
Brenda Kendall Janus the Bartender H0/2
Brenda Kendall Woman Shopper H2/16
Brendan Perkins Attica Guard H2/19
Brendhan Lovegrove Man H2/12
Brendhan Lovegrove Pylon H2/19
Brent Barrett Uris H3/9
Brent Marshall Advisor H6/6
Brett Higginson Villager H4/22
Brett Stewart Stichius H3/18
Brett Stewart Titus H5/15
Brett Turner Billius H4/9
Brian Robson N.D. Villager #2 H3/21
Brian Thompson Goth H2/4
Bridget Hoffman Echidna H2/7, H2/10, H3/6
Bruce Allpress Enos H1/13
Bruce Allpress Old Man H1/3
Bruce Allpress Phidias H4/19
Bruce Allpress Septus H2/10
Bruce Allpress Skouras H5/11
Bruce Allpress Skouros H3/5
Bruce Burfield Bartender H3/10
Bruce Burfield Prisoner H4/5
Bruce Campbell Autolycus/Autolyca/Farciferous H4/12
Bruce Campbell Autolycus H2/1, H3/19, H4/1, H4/16, H4/17, H4/18, H5/4, H5/14, H6/5
Bruce Campbell Rob Tapert H4/15, H5/9
Bruce Davis-Goff Carpathian Man H4/18
Bruce Hopkins Jordis H2/15
Bruce Hopkins Nehemiah H4/3
Bruce Hopkins Pylon H2/10
Bruce Hopkins Triton H5/18, H5/21
Bruce Phillips Atticus H2/6
Bruce Phillips Jacobus H2/22
Bruce Phillips Palamedes H3/18
Bruce Phillips Pandion H4/22
Burt Turner Goon #1 H5/18
Buzz Moller Cletis H0/4
Buzz Moller Tyros H1/6
Buzz Moller Zachariah H3/10
Caleb Ross Nico H3/21
Callum Rowe Student H4/22
Callum Stembridge Aurelius H1/5
Calvin Tuteao Natros H2/18
Cameron Stanton Kid #2 H5/17
Campbell Cooley Vargus H6/2
Campbell Rouselle First Mate H3/22
Campbell Rouselle Sergeant H3/17
Campbell Rouselle Thug H2/14
Campbell Rousselle Ares' Soldier H6/8
Campbell Rousselle Cretan #1 H2/5
Campbell Rousselle Sentry H1/13
Campbell Rousselle Terrorist H4/18
Carl Bland Pilot H2/6
Carol Seay Woman H4/11
Catherine Bell Cynea H3/10
Charles Keating Zeus H6/8
Charles Mesure Archangel Michael H5/22
Charles Mesure Johnny Pinto H4/15
Charles Pierard Lemnos H3/10
Charlotte Pennington Sister H3/1
Charmaine Guest Ariadne H4/21
Charmaine Guest Leche H5/20
Chelsea Howell Kid #3 H5/17
Chelsea Howell Mia H5/22
Cherry Davis Millicent H4/16
Chic Littlewood Gambling Villager H0/2
Chic Littlewood Attendant H4/18
Chic Littlewood King Tolas H3/20
Chris Bailey Cletis H2/5
Chris Bailey Tarkon H2/16
Chris Bohm N.D. Villager #1 H3/21
Chris Conrad Young Jason H4/11, H4/20, H4/21
Chris Graham Colchis H4/16
Chris Graham Courtier #1 H6/6
Chris McDowall Krytus H1/11
Chris McKibbin Leader H2/16
Christian Hodge Bandit #2 H2/22
Christian Hodge Drunk #1 H3/15
Christian Hodge Lapithus H1/8
Christian Hodge Soldier #3 H6/3
Christine Bartlett Diner H4/17
Christine Bartlett Villager #1 H2/6
Christopher Saunoa Ixion H1/3
Christopher Brougham Lathan H0/1
Christopher Brougham Warlock/Janus H0/3
Claire Yarlett Thera H2/17
Clare Carey Aegina H1/1
Claudia Black Cassandra H3/22, H4/10
Cliff Curtis Nessus H0/4
Cliff Curtis Nemis H1/6
Clint Sharplin Celtic Villager H5/3
Clint Sharplin Kenickus H4/3
Clint Sharplin Opakus H5/12
Clinton Elvy Punk H4/21
Colin Francis Sneak Thief H2/7
Colin Francis Wolfgang Puke H4/17
Colin Moy Jaris H4/3
Cory Everson Atalanta H1/5, H2/16, H4/19
Craig Ancell Paxxon H4/4
Craig Hall Timuron H2/11
Crawford Thomson Arcarious H3/11
Crawford Thomson Ruffian H4/14
Crawford Thomson Thug H2/6
Cynthia Rothrock Enforcer II H3/5
Dale Corlett Thaddeus H2/2
Damian Nixey Gang Kid #1 H5/12
Damien Lay Isoceles H6/7
Damien Lay Neighbor's Son H2/5
Damien Wood Male Servant H3/3
Dane Jerro Head Soldier H3/15
Dane Jerro Soldier #1 H6/3
Daniel Batten Pyro H2/9
Daniel Batten Weasel H2/6
Daniel Hennessey Libinius H5/5
Daniel James Young Iolaus H0/1
Daniel Logan Zaylan H5/11
Daniel Warren Strongman Brother H0/2
Daniel Warren Cletis H1/4
Danielle Cormack Ephiny H4/7, H5/12
Danielle Cormack Marie DeValle H3/17
Danny Lineham Drinker #2 H1/9
Danny Lineham Johe H4/7
Danny Lineham Lycus H2/12
Danny Lineham School teacher H5/10
Danny Phillips Hera worshipper H6/1
Danny Phillips Vendor H6/5
Darren Ludlam Mykonos H3/3
Darren Warren Strongman Brother H0/2
Darren Warren Claris H1/4
Dave Collins Townie H5/21
David Aston Cretus H1/12
David Baxter Tantalus H2/8
David Buckley Lineus' Aide H5/22
David Coddington Villager H5/14
David Downs Choleus H3/11
David Drew Gallagher Deon H2/22
David Fitchew Court Officer H3/1
David Fitchew Desk Assistant H4/12
David Geary Lieutenant H3/20
David Goodwin Citizen #2 H3/22
David Goodwin Mogo H5/21
David Holton Knight #1 H5/19
David Mackie Guard H2/11
David Mackie Hemnor H3/13, H3/14, H3/19, H5/13
David Mercer Surviving Warrior H1/13
David Mercer Tapus H1/8
David Press Atlas H6/8
David Press Garas H3/8
David Press Glaucus H1/2
David Scott Pawnicles H2/2
David Stott Boatman H1/7
David Stott Salmoneus Double H5/4
David Stott Thief #1 H3/4
David Sutherland Otus H4/1
David Taylor Franco H0/1
David Weatherley Judge H4/10
Dean O'Gorman Ruun H4/7
Dean O'Gorman Young Iolaus H4/3, H4/11, H4/20
Dean O'Gorman Horan H1/12
Dean Stewart Gravus H4/5
Denise O'Connell Queen Maliphone H3/9
Denise Snoad Ara H4/2
Denise Snoad Hilda H5/6, H5/7
Dennis Hally Headmaster H6/1
Derek Judge Monicles H4/4
Derek Payne Daedalus H3/2, H4/10
Derek Payne King Hector H3/11
Derek Payne Hector H2/19
Derek Ward Agitator H4/9
Derek Ward The Ferret H1/2
Derek Ward Thief #2 H3/4
Des Wallace Con #2 H6/1
Des Wallace Thug #1 H5/16
Don Linden Master of Ceremonies H2/7
Donald Baigent Evander H1/2
Donogh Rees Cabiri H5/21
Donogh Rees Frigga H5/6, H5/7
Doug McCaulay Bromius H4/4
Doug McCaulay Guard H2/15
Edd Bennetto Citizen #1 H3/22
Eddie Campbell Drinker #1 H1/9
Edith Sidebottom Widow Twanky H4/8, H4/12, H5/15
Edward Campbell Artemus H2/14
Edward Newborn Perdidis H2/23
Edward Newborn Polonius H3/9
Elaine Bracey Villager Woman H2/22
Eli Sharplin Shamus H6/7
Elizabeth Hawthorne Queen Omphale H0/2
Elizabeth Hawthorne Alcmene H1/1, H1/8, H1/9
Elizabeth Hawthorne Jocasta H6/3
Elizabeth Hawthorne Mary Contrary (newscaster) H4/15
Elizabeth Pendergrast Atropos H3/15
Elizabeth Pendergrast Woman shopper H2/7
Emily Hartley-Skudder Little Girl H5/6, H5/7
Emily Jackson Young Oena H4/8
Emlyn Williams Trevin H5/19
Emma Menzies Syreeta H2/9
Emma Turner Leucosia H1/3
Eric Close Telamon H0/2
Eric Gruendemann Fisherman H1/7
Eric Gruendemann High Priest H1/1
Eric Lynch Bantoc H4/3
Erik Thomson Hades H2/8, H2/11, H3/5
Erik Thomson King Daulin H1/11
Faye Flegg Mirim H2/15
Fiona Mogridge Mariah (shown as 'Moira' in some transcripts) H3/16
Fiona Mogridge Illa H0/1
Fiona Mogridge Evanthea H3/3
Fiona Mogridge Breanna H2/10
Fiona Mogridge Cheris H1/6
Fleur and Zana Coric Baby H1/12
Francesca Waters Okaleia H4/2
Francis Bell Auctioneer H0/2
Frank Stevens King Nikolos H3/2
Fred Craig Mong H2/23
Frederick Bedford Local H5/13
Gabriel Prendergast Old Man H5/20
Gabriel Prendergast Spagos H1/10
Gabriella Larkin Queen Nefertiti H6/6
Galyn Gorg Anuket H3/4
Gary Elliott Gravedigger H5/16
Gary Elliott Peasant #1 H5/13
Gary Elliott Shepherd H5/4
Geoff Allen Martan H0/5
Geoff Allen Farmer H2/8
Geoff Barlow Old man H4/10
Geoff Clendon Father H4/7
Geoff Clendon Foreman H2/9
Geoff Clendon Oronis H4/14
Geoff Clendon Witness H3/5
Geoff Dolan Head of Fashion Police H5/15
Geoff Dolan Henchman H4/8
Geoff Dolan Orenth H3/10
Geoff Houtman Juris H3/8
Geoff Snell Peasant #2 H0/3
Geoff Snell Clytus H2/13
Geoff Snell Elis H4/8
Geoff Snell Headmaster H5/17
Geoffrey Clarke Adviser #1 H5/8
Geoffrey Knight Agitator H3/15
Geoffrey Knight Slave Driver H3/22
George Boyle Old Man H0/2
George Boyle Court Bailiff H2/19
George Henare Zarathustra H5/10, H5/11
George Setefano Rowdy #1 H3/21
George Setefano Valtel H5/16
Georgia Linney Serena's Child H5/21
Gerry Eller Xerxos' Mother H6/1
Gilbert Goldie Nevus H0/2
Gilbert Goldie Village Elder H3/3
Gina Torres Beth Hymson, casting director H4/15
Gina Torres Empress H5/13
Gina Torres Nebula H4/4, H4/19, H5/1, H5/2, H5/8, H5/10, H5/11
Glen Drake Klunter H6/5
Glen Drake Nikos H4/20
Glenis Levestam Erytheia H4/22
Glenn Ellerin Peddler H5/17
Glenn Shadix Typhon H2/10, H3/6, H4/1
Gordon Hatfield Minion #1 H0/4
Gordon Hatfield Freedom Fighter H3/5
Gordon Hatfield Lieutenant H1/13
Gordon Hatfield Temple Guard H1/1
Grae Burton Crewmember H5/2
Graeme Moran Professor H5/10
Graeme Moran Villager #1 H3/21
Graham Lauder Cecrops Ghost H3/4
Graham Lauder First Mate H4/4
Graham Lauder Trapper #1 H3/13
Graham Smith Baker H5/19
Graham Smith Leukos H2/7
Graham Smith Marcius H3/10
Grahame Moore Street Vendor H3/22
Grant Adams Clapper Loader H4/15
Grant Boucher Customer H2/6
Grant Boucher Henchman H3/6
Grant Boucher Hunter H2/13
Grant Boucher Publius H5/5
Grant Bridger Karis H2/22
Grant Bridger Pinched Face H0/4
Grant Bridger Augeas H3/18
Grant Heslov Klepto H3/6
Grant McFarland Scoundrel #1 H2/24
Grant McFarland Shellus H3/19
Grant Tilly Toth H3/10
Grant Triplow Clarion H2/15
Greer Robson Sirene H2/22
Greg Johnson Idas H0/4
Greg Johnson Bandit #1 H2/22
Greg Morman Fishmonger H2/22
Gregor McLennan Guard #1 H3/4
Hannah Collins Little girl H3/21, H4/17
Hannah Malloch Lorel H3/16
Harry Lyon Nick H4/2
Heidi Anderson Girl Being Heckled H0/1
Heidi Jeory Mother H3/19
Helen Steemson Village Girl H0/1
Hemi Rudolph Cercetes H4/4
Henry Vaeoso Keb H3/4
Hilary Cleary Gryphon Elder H0/4
Hilary McMillan Jinni the Genie H5/4
Hori Ahipene Brutus H5/18
Hudson Leick Callisto H3/12, H4/13, H4/14, H4/15
Hudson Leick Liz Friedman, producer H4/15, H5/9
Hugh Porter King Valtel H5/22
Huntly Eliott Town Elder H3/15
Huntly Eliott Vitron H4/18
Ian Bohen Young Hercules H4/3, H4/11, H4/20, H4/21
Ian Harrop Camp Boss H1/13
Ian Harrop Fisherperson H4/11
Ian Harrop Triptolemus H2/8
Ian Hughes Loki H5/6, H5/7
Ian Hughes Calimachus H4/20
Ian Miller Boss Highwayman H2/7
Ian Miller Pirate Captain H5/1
Ian Miller Toll Collector H1/10
Ian Mune Menas Maxius H1/10
Ian Mune Director H4/15
Ian Mune King Sidon H2/17
Ian Watkin Butcher H4/16
Ian Watkin Inn Keeper H1/2
Ian Watkin King Quallus H3/19
Ilona Rodgers Queen Camilla H1/4
Ilona Rodgers Queen Euriana H3/11
Inia Maxwell Head Guard H5/4
Irene Drake Karros H2/5
Irene Malone Vendor H6/4
Jacinda Barret Medea H4/11
Jack Dacey Trappas H2/7
Jacqueline Collen Penelope H1/6
Jacques Dupeyroux Baby Hercules H0/1
James Beaumont Panthius H3/22
James Croft Ketor H2/5
James Gaylyn Nagus H5/12
James Gaylyn Villager H5/1
James Marcum Barkeeper H2/9
James O'Farrell Bornus H2/20
James O'Farrell Ironhead H2/2
James Townshend Theseus H2/23
Jane Cresswell Maiden H2/11
Jane Cresswell Proteus H2/20
Jane Thomas Queen Parnassa H3/8
Jason Garner Young Trooper H2/3
Jason Greenwood Citizen H3/22
Jason Hoyte Hephaestus H6/2
Jason Hoyte Cohort H3/9
Jason Hoyte Scarred Lieutenant H2/16
Jason Hoyte Skell H4/3
Jason Hunt Boy From Town H0/4
Jason Tahu Assassin H6/6
Jason Tahu Paintball Player H4/15
Jason Te Kare Flectus H4/18
Jay Saussey Ocea H4/8, H5/15
Jay Saussey Village Girl H0/2
Jean Hyland Mother H1/11, H2/6
Jed Brophy Gnatius H2/13
Jeff Boyd Echelus H0/1
Jeff Gane Peddler H2/9
Jeff Gane Rak H1/7
Jeff Gane Thug Leader H2/13
Jeffrey Meek Prince Vlad H6/4
Jeffrey Thomas Jason H2/14, H2/21, H3/5, H3/12, H4/10, H4/11, H4/16, H4/20, H4/21, H4/22, H5/10, H5/11, H5/16
Jeffrey Thomas Bellicus H1/10
Jennifer Ludlam Alcmene H0/1
Jennifer Ward-Lealand Voluptua H2/2
Jeremy Curry Assistant H3/16
Jeremy Roberts Derk H3/1
Jeremy Roberts Xerxos H6/1
Jill Sayre Ania H0/1
Jim McLarty Fish Merchant H5/18
Jim McLarty Myles H1/2
Jim McLarty Pankos H4/14
Jim McLarty Teacher H4/22
Jim Ngaata Guard H2/6
Jim Rawdon Porter H3/4
Joanna Barrett Beautiful Girl H1/8
Jodie Dorday Lucretiana H5/14
Jodie Rimmer Cesca H6/7
Jodie Rimmer Seska H5/17
Joel Tobeck Deimos H5/20, H6/2
Joel Tobeck King Beraeus H2/18
Joel Tobeck Strife H3/13, H3/14, H3/15, H3/19, H4/13
Joel Tobeck David Scott Pollison / Strife H4/15
Johanna Elms Daughter H2/19
John Barker Young Soldier H6/3
John Dybvig Minion #3 H0/4
John Dybvig King Quallus H4/14
John Dybvig Rankor H1/7
John Dybvig Slave Trader H4/7
John Dybvig Tavern Thug H1/1
John Freeman Smith H2/23
John Givins Sultan H5/4
John Lawler Hortius H5/13
John Leonard Fire Fighter H3/5
John Manning King Tyndareus H4/13
John Manning Merchant H3/3
John McKee Fake Eryx the Boxer H0/4
John McKee Gredor H2/23
John McKee Gruff Soldier H2/3
John Mellor Thug #2 H0/5
John Mellor Barkeep H4/10
John Mellor Crossbow H2/6
John Mellor Thug #1 H1/4
John O'Leary Gravetender H6/1
John O'Leary Judge H2/1
John O'Leary Magistrate H2/20
John Palino Emcee H6/5
John Palmer Soldier H3/2
John Parker Minister H3/11
John Pemberton Thug #3 H5/16
John Porter Villager #1 H5/3
John Roy Kempt Draxus Guard #2 H2/19
John Smith Socrates H2/17
John Sumner Spencius H4/10
John Sumner Inn Owner H0/2
John Sumner Broteas H1/3
John Sumner Domesticles H2/14, H2/21
John Sumner Sheriff H6/5
John Steemson Village Boy H0/1
John Watson Sokar H3/4
John Watson Temple Priest H0/3
John Watson Constable H2/1
John Watson Pilgrim #2 H1/1
John Watson Priest of Ares H5/22
John Watson Tarphius H2/16
Jon Brazier Jakar H2/5
Jon Brazier Trinculos H3/9
Jon Brazier Mateus H6/4
Jon Brazier Mercenary #2 H1/11
Jon Brazier Slave Trader H2/9
Jon Gadsby Phobias H4/2
Jon Stubbs Head Guard H5/3
Jon Stubbs Rowdy #2 H3/21
Jonathan Bell-Booth Brother #1 H1/6
Jonathan Bell-Booth Centaur #1 H2/23
Jonathan Bell-Booth Highwayman H1/10
Jonathan Bell-Booth Zek H5/12
Jonathan Blick Epius H2/17
Jonathan Blick Nestor H1/4
Jonathan Muirhead Little Boy H5/7
Jonathon Acorn Druid Of Mercy H5/3
Jonathon Roberts Kurth H5/12
Jorge Gonzales Eryx the Boxer H0/4
Joseph Greer Peleus H0/3
Joseph Greer Nikos H5/10
Joseph Greer Romanus H2/2
Joseph Hassell Sentry H1/11
Joseph Main Evander H6/8
Joseph Murray Dageth H4/3
Josephine Davison Alexa H3/20
Josephine Davison Amen-su H6/6
Josephine Davison Arachne H4/4
Josephine Davison Ramina H2/18
Joy van Uden Amazon #2 H6/2
Joy Watson Voice of Hera H0/3
Joy Watson Peddler H2/3
Julian Arahanga Cassius H2/23
Julian Arahanga Lead Bounty hunter H1/3
Julian Garner Hephaestus H3/3
Julie Collis Heliotrope H2/6, H2/21
June Bishop Elderly Woman H3/6
Justin Fasanu Soldier #2 H3/18
Kara Zediker Serena/Hind H3/19
Karen Sheperd The Enforcer H2/13, H3/5
Karen Witter Nemesis H1/7
Karl Urban Caesar H5/5
Karl Urban Cupid H3/7
Kate Harcourt Lahti H3/8
Katherine Ransom Mica H2/6, H2/21
Katie Wolfe Arciana H6/1
Katrina Browne Haleh H6/7
Katrina Browne Siri H4/7
Katrina Hobbs Marysa H1/4
Katrina Hobbs Lover Girl H0/5
Katrina Misa Amazon #3 H6/2
Katrina Misa Archer #2 H2/7
Keith Bracey Druid Leader H5/3
Kelly Addis Sariah H6/7
Kelly Greene Epius H2/12
Kelly Greene Goon #2 H5/18
Kelly Greene Phaedron Guard #2 H3/11
Kelson Henderson Democles H2/5
Kelson Henderson Kid #1 H1/5
Ken Blackburn Atreus H1/2
Kenneth McGregor Gorgas H2/3
Kenneth Prebble Priest H2/18
Kenneth Prebble Rodanna H4/9
Kerry Gallagher Lianna H4/1
Kerry Gallagher Amalthea H0/3
Kerynn Walsh Villager H6/1
Kevin Alexander Soldier #2 H4/5
Kevin Atkinson Cheiron H0/3
Kevin Smith Ares/God of Love H4/5
Kevin Smith Ares/Jerry Patrick Brown, head writer H4/15, H5/9
Kevin Smith Ares H3/13, H3/14, H3/15, H3/19, H4/6, H4/10, H4/13, H4/14, H4/16, H4/17, H4/22, H5/11, H5/13, H5/20, H5/22, H6/8
Kevin Smith Iphicles/Hercules H2/3
Kevin Smith Iphicles H2/21, H3/12, H4/19
Kevin Sorbo Hercules / The Sovereign H4/5, H4/13, H4/14, H5/13
Kevin Sorbo Kevin Sorbo/Hercules H4/15, H5/9
Kevin Sorbo Robert H3/17
Kim Michalis Leah H2/12, H2/21
Kim Michalis Scilla H1/2
Kim Michalis Young Alcmene H0/1, H4/13, H4/14, H4/20
Kim Michalis Daughter #2 H0/3
Kim Raynes Cocktail Waitress H4/15
Kimberley Joseph Nemesis H4/6, H6/8
Kingi Gilbert Xenon Guard #1 H3/11
Kirstie O'Sullivan Loralei H3/9
Kristin Darragh Lucina H0/1
Kurt Holsted Young Xerxos H6/1
Kyrin Hall Felicita H1/10
Lacey Kohl Cupcake H4/12, H4/18
Lance Cheshire Old Man H5/14
Lance Phillips Rigis H2/23
Latham Gaines Captain H3/9
Lathan Gaines Marcus H2/14
Laurie Dee Machus H3/18
Lawrence Wharerau Thug #1 H0/5
Lawrence Wharerau Soldier #2 H1/12
Lawrence Wharerau Vytos H3/5
Lee-Jane Foreman Villager #2 H0/2
Lee-Jane Foreman Arleia H4/14
Lee-Jane Foreman Lyna H3/21
Lee-Jane Foreman Servant H2/18
Les Dwight Elvis Hercules H4/15
Leonard Twins Baby Kora H0/3
Les Dwight Masher H4/13
Les Dwight Soldier #1 H3/18
Leslie Wing Karis H2/11
Letitia Bridges Daughter #3 H0/3
Lewis Martin Mortis H1/11
Lewis Martin Priest H2/3
Lex Matheson King Lineus H5/22
Liam McFarland Cool Hercules H4/15
Liam Vincent Connor H5/5
Liam Vincent Fishmonger H4/19
Liam Vincent Little Titus H2/22
Liddy Holloway Alcmene H2/3, H2/7, H2/21, H3/5, H3/12, H4/10, H4/13, H4/16, H4/20, H4/22
Lilian Enting Old Woman H2/20
Lindsey Ginter Cassus H3/21
Lionel Wickliffe Teenager H5/20
Lisa Ann Hadley Princess Niobe H2/19
Lisa Ann Hadley Queen Niobe H3/11
Lisa Chappell Dirce H2/1, H2/21, H4/10
Lisa Chappell Lydia H1/7
Lisa Chappell Melissa Blake, Tapert's assistant H4/15, H5/9
Lisa Chappell Melissa H3/20
Lisa Chappell Daughter #1 H0/3
Liseli Mutti Seductress #2 H0/4
Lloyd Scott Pithus H0/1
Lori Dungey Fortune H4/2
Lori Dungey Woman H3/20
Lucy Lawless Lysia H0/1
Lucy Lawless Lyla H1/6, H2/5
Lucy Lawless Xena H1/9, H1/12, H1/13, H3/15, H4/5, H4/14
Lucy Liu Oi-Lan H1/8
Lulu Alach Clemitus H3/11
Lulu Alach Delia H2/22
Maaka Pirate #2 H4/4
Maggie Tarver Village Mother H0/1
Maggie Tarver Motherly Fighter H0/2
Maggie Tarver Hesame H1/3
Maggie Tarver Rena H4/3
Mandy Gillette Melina H2/24
Mandy McMullen Refugee H4/7
Marama Jackson Aurora H3/16
Marama Jackson Lucenne H4/7
Marcel Kalma Hargus H3/20
Marcel Kalma One-Legged Man H4/14
Marcel Kalma Thug #2 H5/16
Marcel Karma Vampire H6/4
Marcia Cameron Myrra H2/23
Marcus Brown Young Ruun H4/7
Marcus Pointon Elean Soldier #1 H2/16
Marek Sumich Head Rowdy H3/19
Margaret Conquest Scribe H2/1
Margaret-Mary Hollins Megara H0/1
Margaret-Mary Hollins Admeta H1/8
Margaret-Mary Hollins Hispides H2/2
Maria Fiosetti Stout Woman H3/7
Maria Therese Rangel Lucina H2/6
Mario Gaoa Townsperson #3 H0/4
Mario Gaoa Quintus H1/13
Mario Gaoa Soldier #3 H1/12
Marise Wipani Janista H1/5
Marise Wipani Maiden H0/5
Mark Caldwell Gate Guard H3/2
Mark Caldwell Peasant H4/13
Mark Clare Defense Minister H6/3
Mark Clare Deros H1/12
Mark Clare Gnoxious H2/23
Mark Ferguson Craesus H1/6
Mark Ferguson Prometheus H0/3
Mark Ferguson Hades H0/4
Mark Newnham Antaeus H0/3
Mark Newnham Ares H1/5
Mark Newnham Dahak H5/11
Mark Newnham Mummy H3/4
Mark Nua Executioner H6/5
Mark Nua Mong H4/10
Mark Nua Ogre H1/11
Mark Nua Otus H2/14
Mark Nua Skoros H1/10
Mark Nua Wrestler H2/9
Mark Perrett Coachman H3/17
Mark Perry Elopius H2/24
Mark Rafferty Alexandros H4/18
Mark Rafferty Acteon H3/20
Mark Rounthwalte Guard H5/3
Mark Sinclair Fisherman H2/22
Mark Sinclair Village Man H4/14
Mark Wright Claxon H4/3
Marlee Shelton Iole H0/4
Martin Baynton Holidus H3/7
Martin Baynton King Stavros H4/20
Martin Kove Demetrius H2/7
Marton Csokas Tarlus H2/18
Martyn Sanderson King Menelaus H2/1
Martyn Sanderson Thespius H0/3
Martyn Sanderson Ancient Priest H1/4
Martyn Sanderson Thoas H1/1
Mary Henderson Female client H2/9
Matt Elliot Whimpering Flunkie H2/19
Matt Walker Teresius H4/20
Matthew Chamberlain Darphus H1/12, H1/13
Matthew Chamberlain Kamaros/Karkas H3/16
Matthew Chamberlain Darphus H4/14
Matthew Humphrey Damon H2/16
Matthew Humphrey Marcus H1/6
Matthew Jeffs Draxus Guard #1 H2/19
Matthew Jeffs Lowlife H4/3
Matthew Sunderland Shepherd H2/18
Matthew Van Den Berg Warrior H5/10
Max Cryer Barker H2/2
Max Cryer Priest H2/19
Maya Dalziel Townswoman H0/5
Maya Dalziel Mother H1/6
Maya Dalziel Nasty Mother H1/8
Meg Foster Hera H4/22, H6/8
Megan Edwards Servant H2/11
Meighan Desmond Discord H4/6, H4/9, H4/16, H5/18, H5/20, H6/7
Meighan Desmond Discord/Chicken H4/17
Meredith Chalmers Girl H2/20
Mervyn Smith Iagos H3/3
Mervyn Smith Lesion H4/2
Mervyn Smith Village Elder H1/13
Mervyn Whitley, Jr. Brother #2 H1/6
Micaela Daniel Lachesis H3/15
Michael Bajko Harried Man H2/19
Michael Bajko Villager H3/8
Michael Dwyer Theodorus H1/9
Michael Dwyer Thug #2 H1/4
Michael Easther Village Elder H3/2
Michael Garnet-Holt General Gwain H5/19
Michael Hallows Magnus H6/7
Michael Hurst Iolaus/Orestes H2/19, H3/11
Michael Hurst Iolaus H0/1, H0/5, H1/1, H1/7, H1/8, H1/9, H1/10, H1/11, H1/13, H2/1, H2/3, H2/4, H2/7, H2/10, H2/11, H2/12, H2/13, H2/14, H2/15, H2/17, H2/18, H2/19, H2/20, H2/21, H2/24, H3/3, H3/5, H3/6, H3/8, H3/9, H3/10, H3/13, H3/14, H3/15, H3/16, H3/20, H3/21, H4/2, H4/4, H4/5, H4/6, H4/10, H4/11, H4/13, H4/14, H4/16, H4/17, H4/18, H4/19, H4/20, H4/21, H4/22, H5/1, H5/2, H5/3, H5/8, H5/10, H5/11, H5/13, H5/14, H5/17, H5/18, H5/20, H5/21, H5/22, H6/2, H6/4, H6/6, H6/7, H6/8
Michael Hurst Jean-Pierre H3/17
Michael Hurst Paul Robert Coyle, writer H4/15, H5/9
Michael Hurst Aelus H0/4
Michael Hurst Charon H0/4, H2/8, H2/11
Michael Keir-Morrisey King Melkos H2/15
Michael Mizrahi Metion H0/4
Michael Mizrahi Castor H1/2
Michael Philips Magistrate H6/1
Michael Robinson Lieutenant H2/18
Michael Saccente Barnabus H4/17
Michael Saccente Grovelus H2/15
Michael Saccente Talius H2/12
Michael Wilson Opium/Echion H0/4
Michelle Leuthart Ria H5/20
Mick Rose Lycus H1/1
Mick Rose Oedipus H6/3
Mick Rose Hector H0/1
Mike Bajko Nazar H5/4
Mike Bajko Turgeus H4/10
Mike Howell Head Guard H3/19
Mike Howell Jargos H4/10
Mike Howell Pelops H3/7
Milan Borich Traveler H2/10
Min Windle Young Woman H3/11
Monique Joel Woman Demon Convert H5/10
Morgan Palmer-Hubbard Boy #1 H2/16
Murray Dahm Guard H5/10
Murray Keanan Hermes H4/16
Murray Keane Tiber H0/1
Nancy Schroder Head Sister H1/2, H2/21
Narelle Swenson Little Girl / Hera H4/11
Natalie Scarr Leola H4/9
Nathaniel Lees Blue Priest H0/2
Nathaniel Lees Cyrus H1/8
Nathaniel Lees Blue Priest H2/21
Nathaniel Lees Cheiron H4/3
Nathaniel Lees Emissary H1/12
Neil Holt Merkus H2/5
Neill Duncan Sordis H3/1
Neill Rea Arthur H5/19
Nell Weatherly Hag/Girl H0/3
Nic Fay Runner from Gryphon H0/4
Nic Fay Andius H0/5
Nicholas Baker Dardo H5/14
Nicholas Baker Kid #1 H5/17
Nick Clark Kid #2 H1/5
Nick Kemplen Village Heckler H0/1
Nicko Vella Mabon H5/3, H5/5, H5/6, H5/8
Nicko Vella Macareus H3/8
Nicky Mealings Seductress #1 H0/4
Nicky Mealings She-Demon H1/1
Nicola Vuleta Blonde #1 H5/4
Nigel Corbett Gnossus H2/15
Nigel Godfrey Syrus H2/15
Nigel Harbrow Turkos H1/10
Nina Sosanya Chilla H0/1
Noel Trevarthen King Midas H2/2
Noel Trevarthen King Iphicles H1/4
Norman Fairley Angus H5/5
Norman Fairley Aurelius H3/22
Norman Fairley Headmaster H6/4
Norman Forsey Tiresias H1/3, H1/4
Norman Forsey Old Merlin H5/19
Norman Forsey Tersius H2/5
Norman Palacio Grocer H2/16
Onno Boelee Gargan the Giant H0/2
Owain Pennington Older Boy H3/1
Owen Black Parenthesis H2/24
Paige Moss Antigone H6/3
Patrick Brunton Satyr #1 H3/7
Patrick Kake Hercules / Sovereign Double H4/13, H4/14
Patrick Kake Hercules Double H1/3, H1/4, H1/11
Patrick Kake Linc H6/5
Patrick Kuhtze Delivery Man H3/4
Patrick Morrison Cold Child #2 H0/3
Patrick Smith Charidon H2/4
Patrick Smith King Georgas H4/18
Patrick Smith Trancas H4/2
Patrick Wilson Lysaka H5/21
Patrick Wilson Chief Monk H0/2
Patrick Wilson Big Titus H2/22
Patrick Wilson Captain Gerrard H3/17
Patrick Wilson Estragon H1/9
Patrick Wilson Evil Warlord H4/15
Patrick Wilson Pilgrim #1 H1/1
Paul Appleby Pretor H5/12
Paul Brennan Nidhogg H4/1
Paul Gittins Lonius H3/8
Paul Gittins Thanis H2/20
Paul Glover Brontus H2/16
Paul Glover Danaeus H5/2
Paul Glover Josephus H2/3
Paul Glover Roberto Orci H4/15
Paul McIver Aeson H0/4, H0/5, H2/8, H3/14
Paul Minifie Trachis H2/12
Paul Norell Croissant H3/17
Paul Norell Falafel H2/14, H2/16, H2/18, H2/21, H3/2, H3/12, H3/19, H5/4, H5/14, H5/22
Paul Norell Falafel II H5/13
Paul Paice Captain of the Guards H4/20
Paul Paice Villager #2 H5/3
Paul Robinson Cantankerous Gent H3/7
Paul Willis Marcus H3/1
Paula Keenan Drunken Woman H2/13
Peter Daube Spiros H1/12
Peter Feeney Castor H2/14
Peter Feeney The Other Autolycus H3/19
Peter Ford Boron H3/11
Peter Grahame Kieran H5/3
Peter Malloch Titus H1/5
Peter Malloch Young Hercules H0/1
Peter Mason Drunk Slob H5/15
Peter Mason Proprietor H2/7
Peter McCauley Ajax H4/19
Peter McCauley Gekkus H4/12
Peter McCauley Odin H5/6, H5/7
Peter Morgan Townsperson #2 H0/4
Peter Morgan Spiro H2/21
Peter Muller Deric H1/6, H2/5, H2/21
Peter Muller Fallen soldier H1/5
Peter Needham Plato H2/17
Peter Rowley Auctioneer's Sidekick H0/2
Peter Rowley Comic H2/2
Peter Rowley Ephadon H1/3
Peter Rowley Guard H2/1
Peter Sa'ena-Brown Tmoulus H1/8
Peter Vere-Jones Zeus H3/15
Phaedra Seductress #3 H0/4
Phaedra Hurst Leandra H3/10
Phaedra Hurst Slave Girl H3/20
Phil Grieve Helios H6/8
Philip Gillis Innkeeper H0/3
Philip Jones Trayas H3/1
Pio Terei Sestus H0/4
Pio Terei Innkeeper H0/5
Phoebe Falconer Waifish Aphrodite H5/15
Portia Dawson Jana H1/3
Rachel Ackerley Evander H4/6
Raechel Murgatroyd Young Althea H4/8
Rafe Battiste Darius H6/4
Rainer Grant Melanippe H3/18
Ralph Mauro Quakkus H4/16
Ranald Hendricks Cleitus H3/11
Ranald Hendricks Epicurus H2/11
Ranald Hendriks Momus H4/21
Ray Bishop Centaur #2 H2/23
Ray Bishop Rankus H1/10
Ray Henwood Sisyphus H2/11
Ray Sefo Alee H2/2
Ray Woolf Bledar H2/4
Ray Woolf Chief Executioner H1/2
Ray Woolfe Eteocles H4/20
Reb Brown Jarton/Ares H1/11
Rebecca Clark Archer #1 H2/7
Rebecca Clark Head Archer H3/6
Rebecca Clark Syreena H1/9
Rebecca Hobbs Elora H2/4
Rebecca Hobbs Katrina H3/2
Rebecca Hobbs Woman #1 H1/5
Rebecca Kopacka Clotho H3/15
Rebecca Kopacka Young Callisto H4/14
Rebecca Richards Woman H5/18
Rebekah Mercer Woman #2 H1/5
Reece Rodewyk Xenan H4/7
Rene Naufahu Adamis H3/10
Renee Brennan Druid of Faith H5/8
Renee Brennan Druid Of Faith H5/3
Renee O'Connor Deianeira H0/2
Renee O'Connor Gabrielle H3/15, H4/14
Renee O'Connor Sunny Day, camp counselor H5/9
Renee O'Connor The Executioner H4/5
Renee Raudman Galea H4/10
Rhonda McHardy Artemis H2/17
Ric Chan Monk H3/20
Richard Adams Argeas H2/4
Richard Moll Cyclops H1/2
Richard Vette Acton H1/11
Rob Ipsen Man H5/18
Rob Nathan 1st Ruffian H3/10
Robert Boniface Father H4/10
Robert Boniface Straggler H3/2
Robert Harte Dax H2/4
Robert Horwood Lexus H4/2
Robert Horwood Vericles H2/15
Robert Lee Guy H3/17
Robert McMullen Locus H2/23
Robert Pollock Minos H2/19
Robert Pollock Villager H1/13
Robert Trebor Waylin H0/2
Robert Trebor B.S. Hollingfoffer, studio head H4/15, H5/9
Robert Trebor Francois de Marigny H3/17
Robert Trebor Salmoneus H1/2, H1/6, H1/12, H1/13, H2/2, H2/5, H2/6, H2/9, H2/16, H2/21, H2/22, H2/23, H3/4, H3/7, H3/16, H3/18, H4/9, H4/12, H5/4
Robin Kora High Priest H6/6
Robin Kora Pepius H1/8
Robyn Duncan Livia H5/10
Rodney Cook Farmer H5/13
Rodney Cooke Mean Soldier H3/10
Rodney Cooke Passerby H4/13
Rodney Dunning Lieutenant H3/13
Roger Goodburn Promoter H2/9
Roger Oakley King Xenon H3/11
Roma Downey Hippolyta H0/1
Ronald La Pread Priest H5/2
Rose Dube Leuriphone H2/5
Rose Glucina Althea H0/4
Rose McIver Girl(Hydra) H0/1
Rose McIver Ilea H0/4, H0/5, H2/8, H3/14
Rose Schicker Evander H4/6
Ross Brannigan Curteus H4/9
Ross Campbell Dingus H4/2
Ross Campbell Lout H3/6
Ross Campbell Soldier #1 H1/12
Ross Campbell Thug in Bar H2/1
Ross Duncan Imuru H5/1
Ross Duncan Pallaeus H2/3
Ross Duncan Spiro H4/2
Ross Harper Demitrius H3/22
Ross Harper Driver H2/21
Ross Harper Man #2 H2/13
Ross McKellar Gordius H3/20
Ross McKellar Linus H2/19, H3/11
Roy Bonnell Frailus H4/5
Roy Dotrice Zeus H4/20, H4/21, H4/22
Rupert Cocks Baldur H5/6, H5/7
Russell Dixon Astrovo H5/14
Russell Gowers Pirate #1 H4/4
Ruth Morrison Serena's Child H3/19
Ryan Gosling Zylus H5/17
Ryan Lewell Icarus H3/2
Sabine Karsenti Sera H2/21
Sam Jenkins Kirin H3/8
Sam Jenkins Serena/Hind H3/13, H3/14, H3/15
Sam Sorbo Sin (Serena lookalike) H6/1
Sam Sorbo (Sam Jenkins) Serena H5/21
Sam Williams Comrade H2/17
Sam Williams Hercules Stunt Double H1/9
Sara Howard Woman H4/2
Sara Wiseman Mab H5/19
Sara Wiseman Hephates H2/15
Sarah Faris Groupie #1 H5/14
Sarah Litherland Woman in Elysian Fields H0/4
Sarah Major Galea's Daughter H4/10
Sarah Smuts-Kennedy Leandra H3/3
Sarah Smuts-Kennedy Kara H3/1, H4/10
Sarah Wilson Demeter H2/8
Sarah-Jane George Groupie #2 H5/14
Scott Freeman Little Kid H0/5
Scott Michaelson Apollo H4/21, H4/22
Sean Marshall Protos H3/8
Sela Brown Leda H1/3
Sela Brown Shepherdess H1/12
Selwyn Sargeson Wagon Master H2/16
Shane Dawson Assistant Minotaur H2/12
Shane Dawson Warrior #1 H1/13
Sharon James-Norman Rebelette H6/3
Sharon Janes-Norman Big Amazon H6/2
Sharon Tyrrell Temple Priestess H0/3
Shena Sanders Raina H5/16
Sheryl Stewart Lydia H4/2
Shirley Eliott Gossip H4/13
Sian Davis Druid Of Innocence H5/3
Siaosi Fonua Smithie #1 H6/1
Simon Foley Soldier Two H3/14
Simon Gomez Emcee H5/15
Simon Gomez Suitor H3/7
Simon Gomez Temple Guard H5/14
Simon Gomez Vendor #1 H3/21
Simon Lethwaite Klonus H3/14
Simon Lewthwaite Klonus H0/4, H0/5, H2/8
Simon Prast Patronius H2/21
Simon Prast Soldier #1 H2/3
Simone Kessell Havisha H5/16
Simone Kessell Kayla H6/2
Simone Kessell Rena H2/3, H2/21
Simone Kessell Jana H0/1
Simone Kessell Girl/Hag H0/3
Simone Kessell Worshipper H0/4
Slade Leef Smithie #2 H6/1
Slade Leef Warrior H4/14
Sonia Gray Gorgeous Amazon H6/2
Stefan Broadley Musician H3/3
Stelios Yiakmis Cleon H6/3
Stephanie Barrett Phaedra H0/3
Stephanie Liebert Antibius H5/10, H5/11
Stephanie Liebert Young Woman H4/22
Stephanie Wilkin Ayora H2/9
Stephen Butterworth Thanatos H4/2
Stephen Hall Minion #2 H0/4
Stephen Hall Lead Soldier H1/11
Stephen Hall Posse leader H6/5
Stephen Hall Purces H2/9
Stephen Lovatt Galen H6/4
Stephen Papps Pylendor H1/13
Stephen Papps Teles H1/3
Stephen Papps The Darkness H5/6, H5/7
Stephen Papps Trilos H2/20
Stephen Tozer King Diadorus H2/17
Stephen Ure Farmer H4/10
Stephen Walker Perdix H3/2
Stephen Walker Swillus H4/9
Stephen Winn Partner #1 H4/8
Sterling Cathman Geryon H3/21
Steve Cleary Kuff H6/5
Steve Hall Nestor H3/13
Steve Hall Warrior H2/10
Steve Isherwood Soldier #1 H5/19
Steve Wright Head Peasant H4/17
Steve Wright Mercenary #1 H1/11
Steven Wright Scarred Man H3/8
Stig Eldred Belus H1/8
Stig Eldred Maceus H2/10
Stig Eldred Minion Leader H0/4
Stig Eldred Gagnon H4/19
Stig Eldred Magistrate H6/7
Stuart Devenie Kernunnos H5/3, H5/5
Stuart Devenie Magistrate Asterius H4/8, H5/15
Stuart Turner Leutia H1/10
Susan Brady Lilith H5/17, H6/7
Susan Haldane Filius H4/9
Susan Ward Psyche H3/7
Syd Mannion Hera Priest H6/1
Syd Mannion Man H4/19
Sydney Jackson Rustic Innkeeper H0/4
Sydney Jackson Darthus H0/5
Tamar Howe Villager #2 H2/20
Tamara Gorski Morrigan H5/3, H5/5, H5/6, H5/8, H5/10, H5/11, H5/16, H5/19
Tamara Gorski Norma Bates H5/9
Tamara Waugh Lucina H0/1
Tammy Barker Penelope H5/22
Taungaroa Emile Linxus H5/12
Taungaroa Emile Ximenos H1/5
Tawny Kitaen Deianeira H0/3, H0/4, H0/5, H1/1, H1/10, H2/8, H3/14
Te Paki Cherrington Gringus H1/8
Te Whatanui Skipwith Chief Elder H0/2
Ted Clarke Drunk #2 H3/15
Ted Clarke Young Man H4/22
Ted Raimi Alex Kurtzman, a writer H4/15
Ted Raimi Joxer 2 H4/5
Ted Raimi Joxer H3/14
Teresa Hill Nemesis H2/9, H2/13
Terry Batchelor Trikonis H0/5
Terry Batchelor Burly man H5/15
Terry Batchelor Mudo H1/8
Terry Batchelor Segallus H2/2
Terry Dale Elderly Merchant H5/8
Thomas McIvor Dying Man H5/6
Thomas McIvor Recovered Warrior H5/7
Tiffany de Castro Nadia H6/4
Tim Biggs Leandras H5/14
Tim Biggs Peasant H2/19
Tim Faville Merlin H5/19
Tim Hosking Gambler H6/2
Tim Hosking Landlord H2/19
Tim Lee Ilus H0/1
Tim Marechal Captain of Guards H4/16
Tim Raby Archivus H2/14, H2/21
Tim Raby Soldier H2/11
Timothy Balme Lycastus H0/4
Timothy Dale Boy #2 H2/16
Timothy James Adam Soldier #1 H3/13
Timothy James Adam Soldier One H3/14
Tina Cleary Mayem H4/7
Todd Rippon Gudrun H1/4
Todd Rippon Melus the Hood H0/2
Toi Iti Rameses H6/6
Tom Agee Styros H3/8
Tom Kane Lookout H5/1
Tom Sharplin Vendor #2 H3/21
Toni Marsh Maiden #1 H2/13
Tony Billy Con #1 H6/1
Tony Billy Guard H5/1
Tony Bishop Druid Of Tolerance H5/3, H5/8
Tony Bishop Field Hand H4/17
Tony Blackett Ceridian H2/23
Tony Forster Captain H6/6
Tony Forster Man H5/22
Tony Hopkins Agenor H5/2, H5/8
Tony MacIver Tiros H6/3
Tony Todd Gilgamesh H5/1
Tony Todd Gladius H1/10
Tony Ward Perius H3/21
Tony Williams Farmer H2/19
Tony Wood Bluth H3/6
Tony Wood Elusius H2/11
Traci Elizabeth Lords Luscious Deluxe H6/5
Tracy Lindsey Flaxen H2/2
Tyler Read Child H5/1
Vadim Ledogorov Blacksmith H5/7
Vanesa Valentine Mountain Maiden H3/8
Vanesa Valentine Wench H3/6
Vanessa Guy Priestess H5/16
Vanessa Guy Teenage Girl #1 H4/11
Vanessa Rare Young Woman H1/12
Vernon King Wall Ghoul H0/4
Veronica Akhurst Villager #2 H2/6
Vicky Burrett Old Amazon Woman H0/1
Vicky Burrett Haggard Woman H0/4
Vicky Burrett Old Woman H2/1, H2/17
Vicky Rodewyk Child H4/22
Vicky Rodewyk Marcenea's Daughter H4/10
Victor Raider Woolus H4/16
Victor Rodger Vet #1 H4/19
Wade Jackson Darsus H4/18
Wade Jackson Eric H5/6, H5/7
Walter Brown Phaedron H3/11
Wanjiku Kiarie Old Woman H5/2
Warren Carl Pentheus H1/4
Warren Carl Lover Boy H0/5
Warren Carl Kazon H4/19
Watchman Rivers Guard H6/6
Wayne England Soldier #2 H5/19
Wayne Peters Albion H5/19
Wayne Peters Rude Pilgrim H3/6
Will Hinchcliff Lyceus H6/3
Will Kempe Archias H2/19
Willa O'Neill Althea H4/8, H5/15
Willa O'Neill Phoebe H2/14, H2/21
William Davis Head Guard H4/5
William Davis Skirner H3/22
William Lose Tavern Owner H2/22
William Smith Paradas H5/12
Willy De Wit Hirtius H5/5
Willy DeWit Eric Gruendeman H4/15
Winston Harris Young Jaris H4/3
Yvonne Lawley Peasant Woman H0/3
Yvonne Lawley Old Woman in Market H0/4
Yvonne Lawley Alyssa H4/1
Yvonne Lawley Norn H5/6, H5/7
Zo Hartley Peasant #1 H0/3
Zo Hartley Mother H4/17, H5/1
Zo Hartley Patron H2/4
Zo Hartley Tenant H2/19

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