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Famous Lucy Lawless Places in Auckland

Lucy's old house in Mt Albert
Lucy on her deck
Inside the Mt Albert House - the Tagg photographs
Where does Lucy live now? In Auckland's swanky Mission Bay. For the super-sleuths among you, her new house once belonged to New Zealand's richest beer-baron.

Here's the beach at Mission Bay, looking out to Rangitoto Island.

Lucy's Car is reputedly a dark-blue Mercedes Benz. There are over 300 dark-blue Mercs registered in the Auckland region alone. Please do not cause any accidents trying to look inside them looking for her.
Lucy's new house was featured in 60 Minutes (Australia) - April 11th, 1999. Check out the full article at Dan Ma's
This you just can't resist .... where the RenPic main outside XWP set used to be on Sturges Road - now a new subdivision.

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